18 Creative Ways On How To Make Money Extra (Fast)

How to earn extra money online and locally

Are you searching for an opportunity on how to make a little extra money?

Whether you’re looking for a way to supplement your regular income, find a more profitable use of your spare time, or take the plunge into entrepreneurship, there are plenty of ways to make extra money.

So, let’s not waste anymore time and jump right into the 18 creative ideas we’ve listed that you can do to start earning extra cash today.

To simplify things, we have categorized the list of ways to make money into two categories — ones that you can do in your local area and the others that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

This way, you have a variety of options to choose from depending on what works best for you.

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Making money in the area you live:

1. Tutoring

Start Tutoring For Extra Cash

This is a great way to make extra money quickly and easily.

If you’re considering tutoring, you have the option of doing it locally or online (Benefits of both worlds). 

With local tutoring, you have a more personal approach while being able to connect with schools and parents in the area.

Plus, if you have prior experience in what you intend to tutor, that’s even better. You can tutor in all areas such as Math, Science, English grammar, and more.

Online tutoring, although it may be less personal, still provides the same level of learning opportunities as in-person tutoring and can be more convenient.

You can find online tutoring jobs for all ages, from proficient students needing some extra help in their classes to teaching young children language and math skills. 

You can also tutor students from around the world. Tutoring offers flexible hours, competitive pay, and an income stream that you can control.

2. Babysitting

Keeping the theme of helping children, depending on your schedule, you could babysit.

Taking care of a child can be expensive, especially when the parents have to hire a nanny or send their kid to childcare if they work late hours.

This is why parents are always on the hunt for an affordable trustworthy babysitter who can look after their children – especially when in need of after hour care.

Being a reliable babysitter in your community can give you the opportunity to earn extra money. In order to make sure you get paid correctly, it is best to charge an hourly rate and if you’re asked to stay up past midnight, then an additional fee should be included.

3. Rent out your home or a room

Did you know you can make money off of your home? 

By renting out a room or the entire property on sites like Airbnb, VRBO, and FlipKey, you can make extra money. 

You can even turn this into a full-time income stream by listing multiple properties or turning your rental space into an event venue. Plus, hosts get access to exclusive discounts and travel rewards programs!

If you have an extra room in your house that’s not being used, renting it out could be a great option. You don’t need to buy or own a separate property to make an income.

You will have to feel comfortable in sharing spaces like the bathroom, kitchen and living room with an unfamiliar person. However, this could be a great way to save money or make some extra cash.

Generally, there is a huge risk if you’re not careful and mindful of who you let into your home. It is essential to always ensure your safety and comfort before taking in renters.

Don’t put yourself in danger for some extra cash; it’s simply not worth it.

4. Selling Unwanted Items

Start selling your goods and get some extra cash. This is probably the easiest and most convenient ways on how to make money extra fast.

If you’re an avid shopper, chances are you have plenty of clothing items and shoes that either don’t fit you, are no longer trendy or you just don’t like them anymore. Perhaps you have children who have out grown their clothes.

Along with clothing and shoes, don’t throw away furniture, gadgets or other items when you’re redecorating or moving.

Platforms like Amazon, Facebook Marketplace or apps like Vinted let you monetize goods you no longer use, so why not make the best of it?

Selling pre-loved items is an effective way of making some extra money whilst also giving others the opportunity to find joy in using them. It’s also satisfying to know that something you no longer use has been re-homed.

A helpful tip: Shop online for items you need and make money by selling things you don’t. 

5. Pet or house sitting

While many people love taking care of animals themselves, there are also plenty of people out there who would love help taking care of their furry friends whilst they’re away at work or busy with other commitments.

If you have experience caring for pets and have a venue suitable for them (like your home), starting up a pet sitting business might be the perfect solution for you.

6. Dog walker

Earn Money Extra From Dog Walking

Keeping the theme of pets, if your love of animals includes dogs, why not offer to walk the dogs in your neighbourhood on the weekends?

This can be a great bit of extra income that offers flexibility and a nice change of pace from your day job. Don’t let your lazy weekends go to waste. Put that extra time to some good use instead of just watching TV.

If you already have a dog that you walk, adding in some local dogs won’t be out of your regular routine except now you getting paid to do it.

Plus, your pooch might just enjoy the company of some furry friends while out on their strolls.

7. Creative crafts

If creativity is something that interests you then craft making could potentially be a great shout. Creating beautiful items not only provides the satisfaction of seeing others appreciate it, but also the opportunity to become a well-known designer. This could mean regular commission opportunities for you.

If you are great at sewing, you could use your skills to make custom designs and crafts in your local area. Graduation dresses, tailored clothing items — the possibilities are endless. Moreover, this could even become an online business: advertise and show off what you can do and create!

“There are no downsides to a side hustle. There are only benefits to building more than one source of income” – Forbes

Making extra money online:

8. Virtual assistant

One of the most in-demand online jobs today is becoming a virtual assistant. If you have computer experience along with great organisational and communication skills. this one could be for you.

Virtual assistants provide administrative and other services to clients from their own computers, usually from home. 

Some common duties include scheduling appointments, managing email accounts, data entry, researching on the internet and bookkeeping.

The great part about becoming a virtual assistant is that you can be a complete beginner with no experience. There are plenty of companies offering full-time or freelancing virtual assistants job. You can find jobs or advertise on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and FlexJobs.

9. Take online surveys and quizzes

Get Paid To Do Online Surveys

Taking online surveys is one of the easiest and quickest ways on how to make extra money from home.

All you need to do is sign up with a reputable survey company, select surveys that interest you, answer a few questions, and start earning money.

Survey companies will usually pay via PayPal or gift cards for completing surveys. Your income here depends on the number of surveys completed and whether you fit their target demographic.

10. Copywriting

If you’re creative and have a passion for writing, copywriting is an amazing way to generate money in your free time. 

Skilled content writing is in high demand these days. A lot of businesses now also hire freelance writers to produce content for various marketing and sales projects.

Using an AI writer and content generator can be a helpful tool with this opportunity. There are many AI writers available, for a more affordable AI writer, read my Rytr review or head straight to Rytrs website.

11. Graphic designer

If you love to draw, either traditionally or digitally, the world of graphic design could be perfect for you.

Graphic design is a creative field that combines art and technology, and it’s an industry that’s been rapidly growing in recent years. 

As a graphic designer, you’ll have the opportunity to turn your passion into a side business that will earn you that extra cash. You can create visually stunning designs for print or digital platforms, like websites and apps.

Companies are actively searching for gifted individuals who possess the knack to manifest their designs and concepts with remarkable visuals. 

If you have the capability to whip up stunning designs for print, web and mobile applications, then this part-time job can turn into a steady career.

12. App/website developer

Become A Developer And Earn Cash

With technology constantly evolving and new apps being developed every day, becoming an app/website developer is a great way to earn a lot of money fast.

One of the main skills for app/website developers is coding. If you can code you can use your coding knowledge to build custom apps/websites.

For example, if you have experience in industries like real estate or finance, you have the potential to develop innovative solutions tailored to that domain. 

Likewise, if you have experience or knowledge in marketing, this can help you create applications and services for businesses within the same space.

13. Testing and reviewing products

Testing and reviewing products is an excellent option. 

With the abundance of companies looking for feedback on their products from real users, there are plenty of opportunities to get paid while testing and reviewing them.

Not only can you make extra money, but you can also test out new products and services before they hit the market.

It’s a great way to get your hands on the latest gadgets and technologies before anyone else.

“Small opportunities are often the beginning of great achievements” – Demosthenes

14. Start a blog/website

Starting a blog can bring in an extra stream of income, though it may take some time to see results. Additionally, you need to invest some capital initially in order to get a return.

However with a well-planned strategy, you can generate income streams that can replace and even surpass your current income sources. This passive income has the potential to support you over many years.

There are so many tools and resources available today, it’s easier than ever to start a successful blog or website that can generate income.

If you make the decision to do this, please take a look at my ultimate step by step guide on creating a blogging website.

Not only can you share your thoughts and ideas, but you can also monetize your content by including advertisements, affiliate links, and more. 

Speaking of affiliate links that brings us to the next opportunity…

15. Earn money by referring friends

One of the easiest ways to earn quick money from referrals is by using online referral programs like Commission Junction or ClickBank.

Joining an affiliate program can help you earn money when someone purchases an item using your link.

It is essential that you read and understand the terms and conditions of the company properly in order to avoid losing out on potential income.

Affiliate links can be implemented in several places, like your website, landing page, social media posts, or email newsletters.

16. Social media marketing

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a successful business, utilizing social media channels is an effective way to increase revenue.

Taking advantage of these platforms can help you boost your profits and make extra money.

Social media is a great tool to reach out to new customers and promote your business or services.

With almost everyone having an online presence whether it be on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you can quickly target potential customers and expand your customer base.

17. Photography or videography

Love Taking Video And Photos, Make Money With Your Passion

If you’re passionate about photography and videography, why not use those creative skills to make money and enjoy doing something that you love.

Whether it’s taking photos for magazines or shooting videos for YouTube. Perhaps start by taking wedding photos or corporate videos. 

There are plenty of opportunities out there today for those who are passionate about photography and videography.

This leads into my next suggestion…

18. Video editor

Did you know that YouTube achieved a major milestone in 2023, with 2.6 billion active users and 80 million people using YouTube Premium. 

Additionally, half of the population that uses the internet worldwide tunes into YouTube at least once a month and 122 million visit every day through its website and apps.

As video editing is highly sought after, it’s a great opportunity for beginners in the field. 

Even as a beginner, plenty of YouTubers look to hire freelance editors for their videos. Plus, if you work hard enough, you may even be able to make it your full-time job.


If you’re looking to earn some extra cash, there are plenty of ways to make it happen. 

From selling your unwanted clothes, becoming the local dog walker in your community, all the way to becoming a graphic designer or starting a blogging website.

No matter your age, skill set, available time or resources, there is something out there to fit just about anyone’s needs. 

There are plenty of other ideas on how to make money extra, but these are the top methods that are the most useful and beneficial.

So, which of these opportunities would you like to explore to make some extra money? You can always try multiple options if they fit into your schedule.

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