5 Simple Ways To Build An Email List Without A Website

5 simple ways to build an email list

Building an email newsletter list is vital for any business. If you don’t want a website but still want to grow an email list, you can. 

You just have to be creative and find other ways to introduce yourself and your product or service on the internet.

Today, I’m going to outline what email marketing is, and how you can build an email newsletter list without ever having to create a website.

Doesn’t that sound good? 

Using these methods is a great decision if you’re working with a budget and don’t have much experience in digital marketing. They are not difficult to set up and will not cost a lot of money.

Something to remember as you read through these methods: You will need to be patient with anything you do online so make sure you keep at it long enough to see results. There isn’t a thing as quick success as it isn’t sustainable, you need to think long-term if you want your business to serve you for years to come.

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Introduction To Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of building an email newsletter list of people who can be reached at any time. The best way to do this is by inviting people to sign up for an online newsletter.

Email marketing is the most successful form of marketing. It has a high open rate (percentage of emails opened and read), high click-through rate, and it is the only form of marketing that has proven to have a high ROI (return of investment).

In 2015, email marketing was worth $37.5 billion to the U.S. economy and is only growing in popularity. Today, people usually check their email first thing in the morning. This only takes a few seconds and then they go on with their day.

Email marketing is the most powerful marketing tool there is. It allows you to send emails with links to whichever website you’d like.

This is powerful because your potential customer has the ability to understand your business without having to leave their inbox.

Email marketing is one of the most preferred and popular methods of communication for marketers. This is because email marketing is an affordable, targeted and measurable way to communicate with customers.

You can also send emails to your customers about products they may be interested in. Or if you would like them to see something that you have just created or posted about.

Platforms To Build Your Email List

In each option, I will explain to you exactly how to build an email list without ever needing a website. These methods are not only simple but you will not need to have any experience to do them.

These are just platforms to help you place your email list links. You need to already have created your lead magnet landing page. As well as set up an email automation to capture every subscriber that signs up for your list.

1. Guest Posting

There are many popular sites online that you can guest post. I recommend you find the biggest sites in your niche and guest post on those.

When you guest post, include a lead magnet in the form of an article relating to the topic you’re writing about. This can help drive traffic and get potential customers on your contact list.

e.g. Your guest post content is about weight loss and you title it “5 proven ways to drop weight with keto”. Create a lead magnet that is about the “keto diet” or something related to it. Then place that link a few times throughout your article. Don’t be too spammy. It still has to be readable and not seem like you trying to sell something.

Guest posting and sharing your lead magnet link within more blogs is a good way to increase your email list.

This is a great and cost-effective way to market your list. You don’t take on the expenses of running your website which can get pretty costly before you start seeing results.

2. YouTube

More than 2 billion people use YouTube each month. That number is only expected to grow, with the number of people on YouTube every day increasing with it. As of now, YouTube has about 122 million active users per day.

If you want to get established as a Youtuber and be seen, you need to upload videos consistently and regularly.

The following steps will help you achieve this:

Step 1: Pick your niche

A niche is simply what your channel is about. With so many options available it’s hard to point you toward one in particular. Make sure you choose something that either fits your interests or expands on your knowledge.

When you pick a niche, think of how you’re going to market your email list to your potential subscribers.

e.g. You decide on the make money online niche. Things you could offer are Meta ads cheat sheet that shows people how to get their Facebook ads to convert.

Step 2: Create a YouTube account.

Start by creating an account on YouTube. Try to make your channel look professional by adding a profile picture and a channel banner.

If you want to create a great banner and all your future thumbnails, Canva is a great tool for this. They have the easiest software that allows you to either upload a design or use a pre-made template.

It is free to use however if you want to remove a watermark, etc, you could upgrade to Canva Pro.

Step 3: Start brainstorming content ideas

When it comes to content there are a couple of things you would need to think about. Will you be in front of the camera filming yourself or creating faceless videos? Either way is effective but putting yourself on camera does add a more personalized touch.

If you don’t want your face to be in these videos, then a voice-over is necessary.

e.g. If you want to create WordPress tutorials, try using Screencast-O-Matic. You can share your screen and add a voiceover of you explaining how to do something with WordPress.

You are also going to need to learn how to edit your videos. Editing softwares such as iMovie, Video Editor or CapCut are great.

Next, you need to decide on the content you will be uploading and then start creating those videos. It’s also important to note that your first 10 Youtube videos should pack a punch and be super helpful.

To be honest all your videos should add value in some way.

If you’re not sure what to create, a good idea might be to search for Youtube content within your niche. Simply typing in a keyword into the Youtube search bar. This will give you an idea of what to make your videos about.

e.g. For weight loss niche, type in “Keto Recipes”. Search results relating to that keyword will show up and then create a video around that topic.

Step 4: Post your first 10 trust videos

Start your YouTube channel with a bang. Post 1 or 2 videos per week until you have posted 10 videos.

Remember to make these videos helpful and full of value. The key is to also not put any links in the description of these videos. You are trying to build trust with Youtube first.

When you post your videos make sure you are posting them on the same day and time every week.

YouTube will know when your videos are coming out and this will help your videos rank in the YouTube algorithm.

Try not to skip an upload as this will affect the number of views your channel will get.

Step 5: Build your email list using YouTube

After you have posted your first 10 YouTube videos, this is when your lead magnet landing page is needed.

When you come to upload your YouTube video, your pages would be already created. This will save you a lot of time. Don’t forget to tell your viewers that they can get your lead magnet in the description below the video. Try to mention your offer around 2-3 times throughout your video but avoid becoming too repetitive.

This is exactly how you grow your email list without needing a website. You can collect email addresses from viewers by creating new lead magnet landing pages for every 3-4 videos you make.

3. Instagram

Building your email list with Instagram:

Step 1: Create An Instagram Business Account

Sign up and create an Instagram business account with your name. Choose a name that is directly related to your niche and the content you are going to post.

Step 2: Start by regularly posting highly valuable content

The content you post on Instagram should be value-based and help people. This will keep your content interesting and get people to follow you.

You would need to post content daily. Focus on trying to grow your audience by solving any problems they might have relating to your niche.

Don’t forget, you can use Canva to create your Instagram posts for a more professional-looking image.

Step 3: Build your audience then start promoting your lead magnet

Use Instagram to build an audience and establish your brand identity before you start to offer lead magnets.

Make sure to link your lead magnet in your bio, at the end of each post, and in your stories. The more you mention it, the higher the chance of growing your email list.

This can be a continuous process depending on how many of your lead magnets go viral and have a lasting effect. Promote multiple lead magnets at once to differentiate them and keep the list building going.

4. Pinterest

The final option on how to build an email list without a website is by using Pinterest.

If you are unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is a platform where people create boards and groups similar to Meta Groups. The idea is to have people follow your boards or your groups. The people who do, usually are the ones interested in that niche.

Step 1: Create an account

Start by creating a Pinterest Business Account. Just like any other account, make sure your name relates to your niche.

If you are using all the above methods to grow your email list without a website, use the same name across all platforms.

Step 2: Posting your pins

For each pin you create and publish, create a guest post on a popular website in your niche. Within this guest post, link to a landing page you already created where your audience can get their lead magnet.

To create your pins, again you can use Canva or Canva Pro. Link those Pinterest pins to your guest post and then link your landing page and lead magnet to that post.

Remember your pin design needs to be clear and show exactly what your audience will get in your guest post.

e.g. If your guest post is about “5 destinations to visit that are affordable in Europe” your pin should display images of the 5 destinations. Include a catchy heading to attract people to read the article and join your email list through your landing page.

Step 3: Automate your Pinterest

A bonus of using Pinterest is that you can quickly and effortlessly automate the pin posting process. Tailwind is software that has been specially created and designed for this purpose.

It allows you to automatically schedule your posts to be published in advance. They also have a great feature that will advise you on when is the best time to post your pins to get the most clicks.

If automating your posts isn’t great enough you can additionally signup for Tailwind Create. They allow you to automate the building and creating of your pins by selecting a few options. You can preset the font and size, images to be used, and even color combinations to save you time.

Both Tailwind and Tailwind Create are great additions to getting ahead of your posting schedule.

You can learn more by reading my Tailwind review here and my Tailwind Create review here.

5. Facebook Groups

Another way to start growing your email list without a website would be by running a Facebook Giveaway. Now, I know what you are thinking, “What do I give away?’ Well, your lead magnet of course!

Follow these steps below to start running your give away:

Step 1: Start a Facebook

Sign up for a Facebook Business Account and start posting content you think people will be interested in.

For inspiration, you can look at other groups within your niche to see what to post in your group. At the same time, you need people to join the group. This isn’t as hard as you might think, simply search for groups on a similar topic to your own.

If you find a couple of groups that you enjoy, it’s a good idea to join them. If these people share the same interests as you and read/consume related content, you need them in your group.

Invite those people to your Facebook group. This is the quickest and easiest way to grow your group but knowing everyone in it is your targeted audience.

Step 2: Start promoting your giveaways

You can post in your group that you’ve got an E-book that’s really helpful and packed with info. If the majority of the people in your group want to lose weight, this will be a great incentive. Your E-book could be something about, “How to lose weight in 5 weeks without working out.”

To get your E-Book people would need to sign up with their email address which is a great way to grow your list. You can do this as often as you want by changing the lead magnet you offer but still keep it relevant enough and timely.

You can also post in groups that are similar to your niche by posting that you are having a giveaway if anyone is interested they can download your E-book and give them a link.

Top Tip: Always read the rules of the group you want to post in and make sure you follow them. Each owner of the groups will have their own set of rules they want the people joining to follow.


All in all, it is very possible to create and grow an email list without needing a website. The methods above can be used interchangeably which increases your reach.

Whether you choose to start with one or use them all, don’t forget you will always need to create landing pages and Lead Magnets as well as your account names should be the same across all the platforms you decide to use.

My last tip is to start with one method, and once you have the concept and understanding, you can then expand and grow with the other methods.

I hope you found this article helpful and good luck growing your email newsletter list.

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