Anonymous Blogger Sites – Why Is It So Popular?

anonymous blogger sites

Anonymous blogger sites are becoming a more popular trend. Ever wondered why that is?

What is motivating online entrepreneurs to go anonymously?

What are the advantages and disadvantages? And more importantly, what can you do to become an anonymous blogger and stay anonymous? 

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What Is Blog Anonymity?

Blogging is a popular way to share one’s thoughts and stories with the internet. Blogs are known for their personal narratives, making them a popular website for anyone looking to tell their story. Most often blogging is done as a hobby, to make money or both.

Blog anonymity is achieved by using an anonymous blogging site. This allows you to create a blog without having to give any personal information. You can then post your thoughts and opinions anonymously, hiding your identity from the general public.

Why Bloggers Choose To Stay Anonymous

Being anonymous is a crucial component of blogging. It is the one thing that separates bloggers from journalists and authors. Anonymous blogger sites are used to avoid conflict of interest. This could arise if a blogger is known to be affiliated with a company or organization they write about.

The other benefits of blogging without showing your face are:

1) Protecting Yourself From Hackers: If you blog anonymously, you can’t use your blog as an identity theft target.

2) Keeping Your Personal Information Private: You can write about personal topics without worrying about someone finding out who you are. What you do in your free time or how you are making money working from home.

3) Avoiding Embarrassment: If your new blog article has been successful, you don’t need to worry about feeling embarrassed or having to explain yourself.

4) Avoiding Criticism: If people don’t know who wrote your blog post, they can’t point out your mistakes.

5) Avoiding Getting Sued: If you write an article and something bad happens to the person you wrote about, the person who is suing will not be able to find out who actually wrote it.

The anonymity of blogging allows for freedom to present opinions that may not be shared by others. People such as your employer or friends without fear of repercussions. 

Many people believe that anonymity is a key component of free speech.

A recent study showed that these sites can be beneficial for society. They allow people who are less likely to speak out in public to express themselves.

They also have the potential of reducing suicide rates, by providing an outlet for people who would otherwise not seek help from a mental health professional.

Personal branded/professional Blogger Vs Anonymous Blogger

Anonymous blogger sites are a type of website where the author’s identity is unknown. In this type of blogging, the author can write anything without fear of retribution from readers.

Public blogs are blogs that are open to everybody and have an easily identifiable author. Journalists, politicians or those using themselves as the face of their brand do personal branded blogs.

Personal branded/professional Websites:

These blogs are websites where personal branding is the most effective marketing technique because it’s a great way for entrepreneurs to connect with their audience on a much deeper level. 

In today’s world, many people want to feel important and included.

By establishing a personal blog, you will build a deep connection with your audience. You will be able to show your identity and explain who you are to the people reading your content. The beauty of this connection is that people will feel more comfortable reading your content or buying your products.

Your number one goal is to promote yourself as an influencer or mentor in a particular niche.

The most common niches that personal blogs tend to create are fitness and health, making money online, and fashion. There are hundreds to thousands of niches from very broad to very specific.  

This can be in the form of creating online courses, fitness exercises, programs, how-to’s, or even try-on hauls. You need to teach and show your audience about your topic s you are the face of the products you are promoting. 

Many people who have a personal branded blog often also have a youtube channel and personal Instagram account. These platforms allow them more of an opportunity to connect with their audience online on an even more personal level.

Instagram and YouTube are great for you to share who you are with your audience and build that close connection. Your audience will get to know you as a person. They will feel part of your life in some way even if it is just through social media

Having your audience know you as an individual will help you grow a following on social media. This constant traffic to your social pages can make a difference to the overall traffic on your website

Engaging on Instagram about your personal life eg: family, friends, or travel experiences will make your blog more interesting. They are reminding your audience there is a real person behind the content and not just a name. 

Anonymous Blog Websites:

Anonymous blogger sites are more aimed at keeping the person’s identity a secret.

Websites are typically created to provide information. This is why there are many anonymous blogger sites.

The aim of your blog is purely from an informative perspective where the main goal is to help provide the reader with the most helpful information to answer their questions. 

The advantage of having an informative blog is that you can change your blog to a personal one whenever you feel ready to.

Sometimes when bloggers start they are uncomfortable with the idea of having their identities on display for the public to see.

This is why they choose to blog without showing their face or name. The reasons behind not showing their identity could be personal, lack of confidence, or even privacy.

The internet can be a very cruel place and social media influencers have to deal with unkind people commenting on their posts or videos daily.

You have to grow thick skin and ignore people who take their own insecurities and put them on you. This is why it’s so important to do what you feel comfortable with. 

When choosing to start a blog, not from a personal approach means that the marketing strategy is slightly different.

When it comes to your social media accounts, instead of promoting yourself, you have made it more about your brand name and the information you have to offer. 

This would mean that your posts will be different as your content would be more informational. Your reels and posts on Instagram would also provide informative content to keep your followers engaged.

This will gain the traffic needed for your website just as a personal influencer will. However, it will take longer as you won’t have that personal connection regardless if your content is interesting.

Many owners who choose to market in this way find creating branded social media accounts helps them post their content in a more creative way to engage their audience.

What helps keep these informative websites growing is the content. Anonymous blogger sites have to constantly focus on whether the information they provide is helpful, valuable, and accurate.

This also helps to eliminate their competition in google’s search results for the keywords they are trying to rank for. 

The more value and helpful tips you can provide within your articles are what help you to market and sell either your brand or other brands.

The Negatives Of Anonymous Blogging

Bloggers are often worried about the repercussions of their work. They want to share their ideas but they don’t want to put themselves in a vulnerable position.

That is why many bloggers choose to blog anonymously. Some people argue that blogging anonymously has many advantages, such as:

– Building trust with your readership
– Being able to express yourself more freely
– Creating a sense of mystery and intrigue in your blog posts
– Building a following without revealing who you are
– Not being judged by your appearance or background and instead judged on what you write.

Blogging anonymously has its disadvantages. This includes difficulty with SEO because it is hard for search engines to find you. This means that it will be harder for people to find your content which could result in lower traffic and fewer followers.

Additionally, there is no way for readership to comment on your posts because they don’t know your name. Blogging without revealing your identity can make it harder for you to grow an audience and in turn, your blog will struggle to gain traction.

The best thing you can do is focus on your audience recognising your brand rather than wondering who is behind the brand. 

Tips For Safely Blogging Anonymously

If you want to have an anonymous website, there are a few things you can do to help stay anonymous.

It’s important to note that when blogging anonymously, it may not be 100% anonymous. This is because, under some laws and guidelines, such as GDPR, you’ll have to state by name that you own your website legally. 

You may find our page Iubenda Review – The solution to all your GDPR needs helpful.

This is not to say you can’t keep everything else anonymous…

1) Use a pseudonym: You don’t have to share your real name with anyone. Consider using a pseudonym instead of your real name, or create a fake persona that you can use for your blog.

There is a downside to using pseudonyms. Some individuals use them to hide from justice, commit crimes and troll the internet.

Pseudonyms provide a lot of opportunity for those who might be acting in a risky manner. Consider this before using a pseudonym to protect somebody who is not innocent or just.

There are numerous cases of people using pseudonyms for the above reasons and many other reasons as well. In conclusion, pseudonymity has both pros and cons to it. 

2) Don’t share too much information. It’s best to not share personal details, like where you live or what school you go to in an attempt to maintain anonymity

3) Create an email address for your blog: If people contact you through the contact form on your blog, be sure to send them a response. You can also give people your email address at the bottom of your posts and have them contact you there.

4) Don’t share opinions about other bloggers: It might sound innocent enough when you say “I like this blogger” or “I don’t like that blogger!” but if you follow a specific person on social media, it will almost certainly lead back to who you are and ruin the anonymous idea.


On anonymous sites, don’t be ashamed to show your personality through your content.

Blogging is all about being yourself and conveying the things you love because at the end of the day it’s about giving your audience something that is simple for them to connect with.

So go ahead, and show off who you are and what makes you different in order also be one of the most successful anonymous blogs on the internet.

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