Are Digital Marketing Courses Worth It?

The one single thought that often scares many people when it comes to working online is how to go about starting the process.

There are many courses available and many feel as though it might be the creator of the courses who profit more from selling the course than what information you get. 

This is not always the case and thought I would pull the rabbit out of the knowledge hat and answer this question.

Before I begin, I would say that digital marketing courses are definitely worth it so keep reading as I outline my reasons why.

Free or paid digital marketing courses?

The main reason you should think about taking a digital marketing course is to gain up-to-date information in the field you are in, whether this is a blogging website, social media marketing, email marketing an E-commerce store, etc…

Digital marketing courses are the best and only way in my experience to gain knowledge and fast track your success in making your first few dollars online.

If you have been taking or ever taken any free online courses, then you would know that those courses only provide you with limited information. You are often left wondering what happens after that step or that there just wasn’t enough detailed information to fully understand.

This can make anyone who is unfamiliar with the online world very nervous.  

Mentors who charge for access to their courses often drop hints and golden nuggets throughout their courses that they have learned on how to make money online. In my experience, online gurus don’t always provide you with all the information you need to make money online but you will still be much better off than if you didn’t take the paid course at all.

The online world is forever changing and evolving quickly, this means that you will always be learning. There is always something new being developed, created, or updated so you would still need to continue learning.

You would still be far ahead of your competitors who have not taken a course as these paid digital marketing courses do provide you with more information and details that you just simply can’t get online for free. 

Why can you only get the best tips and tricks from courses?

Let’s imagine for a second, you are years into your future, you are a mentor at the top of your field. You want to be an inspiration and a teacher to those who are starting in your field, so you create a course with the tips you have found along the way. 

The question you will be asking yourself is if you are going to make that information that took you years to figure out through trials and errors available for free? The mentors you buying the courses from have asked this same question. 

No one gets where they are now by just giving what they have worked so hard to get with no reward. Some of the best advice you will receive in life will not come for free and will cost you.

This is exactly why the best tips and tricks always come from courses, especially paid courses. 

Online gurus work hard to perfect their courses and provide the very best information available because when you do well, they do well too. The more their courses receive high ratings, the more chance for them to get a consistent amount of sales year-round. This will also boost their social media followings and keep them at their top-rated position above their competitors. 

How do you do well, you might be asking?

Well, every time you promote their course through your links, you get a commission. This comes full circle as everybody wins. 

The money you spend on digital marketing courses will save you a lot of frustration in the future as the techniques and strategies shown in the courses usually are done step by step on screen. This is very helpful because you won’t have to fumble your way around trying to figure out what buttons to press or for example, how to connect your domain to your hosting if you are creating a website for the first time. 

Watching someone explain and visually show you step by step the process for you to simply copy and paste limits your chances of making mistakes and errors.

This is not to say that you won’t make mistakes along the way but as long as you remember that every mistake is a learning experience.

Will I be missing out if I don’t do digital marketing courses? 

If you’re still wondering whether a course is worth the price or not, rather ask yourself how else would I be able to get this amount of information the course is providing without doing the course.

How long will it take you to go and find the information on your own and would you know what information to look for?  

If you believe that you can do it on your own, or have some experience, then not doing a course might work for you but if you are someone like me, who knew nothing, was super nervous starting then courses are your best friend. 

Not doing a course would be the same as driving to a destination you have never been without a map or GPs to guide you? Where do you think you will end up? Probably totally lost, frustrated, and annoyed with yourself for wasting so much time driving around in a circle. 

The courses you take will be the directions you need to take your business to the next level. Knowing when to turn left or right will make the journey to building your success online a lot easier.

Time is money, don’t waste it.

We all know the saying, “nothing in life comes for free”, the best information in life you have to pay for. Some of the world’s most successful mentors and businessmen spend hundreds to thousands of dollars per year learning from the leading top successful entrepreneurs within their field. 

This money is spent on anything from online courses to joining masterminds and attending conferences. These successful people go to great lengths to get their hands on the most cutting edge information in their fields. 

So, time for you to ask yourself the big question. If they are spending time and money on information, then why aren’t you doing the same? 

Now, I know many of us don’t have the capital these highly rated mentors have to spend on courses, that doesn’t mean you can’t gain knowledge from courses within your budget.

Many mentors have made their courses affordable so that many aspiring entrepreneurs like you and me can buy their courses and grow our businesses online.


The thing you need to take away from this article is that digital marketing courses are worth the time and money. 

Don’t be that entrepreneur who struggles for months or even years trying to get online success by driving around the roundabout going nowhere. 

Learn from the already successful entrepreneurs who have at one point been where you are now. Spending that extra money or even your time learning through digital marketing courses will save you so much in the future. 

Others have made mistakes so that you don’t have to.

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