Are Page Views Important?

Making money online isn’t just about the content. Even though content creation is what makes up 80% of all work done and helps make money online, it’s not the only crucial aspect.

What many new entrepreneurs don’t know is that page views are super important when running a successful business online. Continue reading as I break down what page views are, why you need to pay attention to them, and what they do for your website. 

What are page views?

When entrepreneurs start their businesses online, many think that their content, appearance of their website, or even the images they use are the most important. 

While they are important, there are many other aspects of running an online business that only you as the owner can see and have access to. 

Page views without a doubt are a key part of your website metrics as these views are a result of potential customers that will boost your sales, commissions, and rankings. 

A page view is the total number of readers who viewed or refreshed a specific page on a website within a period of time.

Let’s say, as an example, you own a website and you have spent hours writing a review article about “Different Types of Paints”. A week or a month later you would like to know how many of your readers have viewed or refreshed that article you uploaded. 

To be able to view the metrics for that page, you would need a Google Analytics account. Hopefully, you would have already set up and connected your website to a Google Analytics account so that Google can track and collect data on your website that will be helpful to you. 

This Google Analytics account is where you can see how many of your readers have viewed or refreshed that particular page. You can view the metrics for any of your pages. 

These pages that readers view will be counted as a page view for that page and Google calculates the total number altogether depending on the statics you choose to view for the last day, week or month. 

If you have not yet set up a Google Analytics account, I highly suggest you do that. Without a Google Analytics account, you will have no data collected to be able to interpret the traffic on your website and this could prevent you from making that website successful.

On a side note, Google Analytics is also great for monitoring other data points linked to your website. Useful metrics offered that you would be able to see, are how many new and returning users you have, geographical locations of those users, what social media platforms (Google Search, Instagram, Twitter, etc) you are getting your users from. 

As you can see, the benefits of using Google Analytics goes far beyond just the importance of viewing your page views. 

Importance of paying attention to your page views

The reason page views are an important metric to keep your eye on is that you will be able to see what posts are doing better than others and what your most popular posts are.

Continuing with the previous example, with the review on “Different Types of Paint” your Google Analytics total page view count might have a higher number of views for that page compared to the number of sales you have received. 

This will then give you an indication to re-analyze why perhaps these two numbers are going in different directions. 

It could be that the tone the review was written in is not being viewed the same way on that particular product. 

The review might not have enough detailed information about that specific product and has left your readers with more questions than answers. 

Perhaps the links you have provided are not working properly or not directing your readers to the right website to purchase the product. 

There are several reasons but one tip I can offer you, is to always go back and compare an article on your website that is converting well in page views and sales and see what that article has that the other doesn’t or vice versa. 

This is why it’s so important to have this data so that you can review what is working, what isn’t, or what needs to be changed.  

How do page views help a website?

The main thing to note about keeping an eye on your page views is that you want as many readers as possible to read your articles. 

The more page views you get, the more money you are likely to make. 

Google Analytics is an amazing tool for you to keep updated about what type of articles your readers are enjoying and using that data to create more similar content. This helps your website grow and gain a larger target audience which increases your likes, comments, and shares on social media.   

Page views also help your website rank on Google as the more page views you have, the higher Google will rank your site. 

When someone searches on Google and you have an article that provides information on that topic as well as a high number of page views, then it’s more likely that Google will push your article to the first page of that Google search result. 

This is exactly what you should be aiming to achieve with your website. Being on the front page is what’s going to help your website as many websites don’t get traffic online if they are not on the first page of Google’s search results. 

If we think about it, how many times do people search on the second, third or even forth page of Googles search results when looking for information? 

An important note to remember is that Google will always credit websites that offer helpful and informative information. This helps you too because by having high page views and rankings, you better your chances of generating more sales.  

What will happen if I don’t get high page views?

Without a targeted audience consistently viewing your website, you will be missing out on sales which you need to make money online. 

The last thing you want is to be putting hours into creating great informative articles or reviews only for nobody to be reading them. A lack of page views will make your work and rankings go down and people will simply not be viewing and reading your work.

Low levels of traffic and page views will not only affect your commissions but also affect your chances of readers joining your email list and later on getting a sale through your automated emails.

This will affect your income as there are not enough people reading your posts, clicking your links, and making a purchase. Ultimately the two main reasons anybody creates a website online is to firstly provide helpful information while generating an income. 


The main takeaway from this article is that all internet marketers need to get high numbers of page views to ensure regular sales and high search rankings.

This is why creators should pay extra attention to their page views when running a business online.

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