“The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone Summary

The 10x rules by Grant Cardone

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The 10x rule book cover by Grant Cardone

“The 10x Rule” by Grant Cardone

By reading this book you will gain knowledge on how to dream bigger and achieve what you set out to do.

With Grant’s zero tolerance for laziness, you will be working harder and pushing more than ever before.

Summary Of The Book

The 10x rule by Grant Cardone is the understanding of how much effort it will take to complete and succeed at something. 

Grant believes you can do this by setting your goals 10x higher, hence the name of the book than what you think you can achieve. The reality of success is that it is continuous and never ends. 

The book helps explain that successful people have to continue working to achieve more than what they currently have instead of achieving success and then stopping once they have reached their goal.

About Grant Cardone 

Grant Cardone is the CEO of Cardone Capital which is a real estate company where you can invest in real estate deals with him.

He is also an international speaker, entrepreneur, and author of the 10x Rule. He has 21 best-selling business programs, owns and operates 7 privately held companies. All the while also managing a multi-family real estate portfolio of $1.5 Billion.

Furthermore, Grant has been named the number 1 Marketer to look out for by Forbes Magazine. He is the founder of the 10x Growth Conference which is an event held annually with seminars from well-known artists and A-list speakers.

The 10x Rule Chapter Overviews

Chapter 1: What is the 10x Rule?

The 10x rule is thinking bigger than what you actually think is possible and then achieving it. This can be applied to any area of your life whether it be financial or spiritual growth.

Chapter 2: Why the 10x Rule is Vital?

The 10x Rule makes it impossible for you to reduce your targets. Instead, it is designed to push your limits by increasing the action needed to achieve the targets you have originally set.

Chapter 3: What is success?

 The 3 most crucial things to understand about success are the following:

  1. Success is important. 
  2. Success is your duty.
  3. There is no shortage of success.

Chapter 4: Success is your duty

The biggest mistake people make is not understanding that success is a must-have and obligation rather than something that most people think is a choice.

If you approach your life with a must-have attitude you will achieve success faster than most people.

Chapter 5: There is no shortage of success

Success is not a resource that runs out as people who achieve success can keep achieving it as long as they continue to work for it.

Chapter 6: Assume control of everything 

To achieve great things in life, Grant recommends you take responsibility for everything and understand that nothing happens until you make it happen.

Chapter 7: 4 degrees of Action

The 4 degrees of different peoples actions:

  1. Do nothing – Meaning no longer take action towards your goals to move forward.
  2. Retreat – Retreaters are people who take actions in reverse as they are worried about what will happen as a result of their actions taken.
  3. Take normal levels of action – These are people who take a normal amount of action to achieve what they set out to do but aren’t pushing themselves. You will find that most people are like this.
  4. Take massive action – Taking massive steps towards your goals will help you to achieve them and not let you fail. 

Chapter 8: Average is a Failing Formula 

Understanding that being average will fail you but being great will make all your dreams come true.

Chapter 9: 10x Goals

Grants’ advice is to write down a list of goals and then the actions needed to achieve them.

He explains that average goal setting will not and cannot fuel massive 10X actions. So never lower your goals while writing your list. 

Chapter 10: Competition is for sissies 

Never run your business to compete with someone as you should not be chasing the competition or someone else. You need to switch your mindset to thinking of how you can dominate your industry so your competition is chasing you.

Chapter 11: Breaking out of the Middle-Class Mindset

For most people being middle class means a good job with fair pay, good health care, and a comfortable living but you need to break out of this way of thinking and start thinking bigger.

Chapter 12: Obsession isn’t a disease but a gift 

To achieve success you need to be obsessed with the things that you want as that obsession will drive you to achieve your goals.

Chapter 13: “Go all in” and overcommit 

In life, we are conditioned to play it safe and not take risks so the “go all-in” mentality isn’t used very often.

As you know, some things in life, there are limits but one thing you should know is there is no limit on the amount of action a person can take.

Chapter 14: Expand – Never Contract 

No matter what the economy is doing, you must never contract and always prepare your business for expansion as this expansion is growth and the key to dominating your sector.

Chapter 15: Burn the place down

As you achieve your goals and start building your business remember to never slow down or stop. 

You need to keep adding wood to the fire to ensure that no matter what the markets are doing your fire never goes out.

Chapter 16: Fear is the great incubator 

Fear is a sign that you are moving in the right direction because when you achieve it and conquer that dream, it’s even more worthwhile and enjoyable. 

Chapter 17: The Myth of Time Management 

The first step is to make success your duty and to set targets that are of the most priority. Then once achieved set another target.

Most people only work until it feels like work so make sure you do what successful people do and work until you get satisfying results and then work will feel like a reward.

Chapter 18: Criticism is a sign of success

Criticism is never something to avoid but it to be met with an open mind.

As you start getting it, people more successful than you are going to have their say about it but what Grant found out was that the people that criticize you only do because they look up to you.

Chapter 19: Customer Satisfaction is the wrong target

Most people focus on trying to satisfy a customer before they are even their customer. Those who have this mindset should rather focus on the acquisition and then go back to satisfaction.

Chapter 20: Omnipresence

If you take great action towards your targets, then you will end in a situation where it will feel like you are everywhere.

Chapter 21: Excuses 

Excuses are made to make yourself feel better for not taking action. Make sure you never make excuses.

Chapter 22: Successful or Unsuccessful 

The list below are some of the things that successful people do:

  1. Always say I can do something
  2. Never quit
  3. Live in the now
  4. Love challenges 
  5. Be able to Solve Problems

Every book has it’s pros and cons, and the 10x rule by Grant Cardone is no different:

1. Everything taught in this book can be applied regardless of the year you are reading it in.1. Though this book is motivating, it does not provide enough action steps. The application is vague on how to achieve your goals.
2. This book will help you to think differently and achieve success faster.
3. This book is motivating and drives you to want to reach 10x what you are already achieving. 


Overall the 10x rule by Grant Cardone is a great campaign to help give you the proper mindset on how you think about creating real success in your life. 

Not only will this book drive you to achieve success, but it will also change the way you think about how you are going to achieve it. 

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