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Cashvertising Book By Drew Eric Whitman

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Cashvertising By Drew Eric Whitman Book Cover

“Cashvertising” by Drew Eric Whitman

If you are looking to improve your copywriting skills then the book “Cashvertising” by Drew Eric Whitman should be a good read.

Developing catchy and engaging headlines will allow you to make more sales. “Cashvertising” is a book that provides insight into writing compelling headlines and other copy. 

Summary Of Cashvertising

The book Cashvertising is all about generating more sales online by using psychological triggers to persuade your customers to buy.

Because this will help you understand your customer so that you can better solve their problems. By using psychological methods to teach you how to understand what your customers feel about the product you are trying to sell to them.

The information in this book is based on scientific research and condensed down to quick tips that are easy to understand and apply with more than 100 secrets available. 

Many of the principles can still be applied even though the examples provided are from the newspaper industry. 

Who Is Drew Eric Whitman?

Drew Eric Whitman has worked for the largest ad agency in Philadelphia and was the senior copywriter for direct-to-customer insurance. Drews has helped small retail stores to multi-million dollar companies.

After many years of face to face selling from clothes to real estate, he is now a speaker and philosophical advertising trainer, and writer.  

He has written many bestseller books including Cashvertising and Brian’s script for sales success.

Cashvertising Chapter Overviews

Chapter 1: The 8 Life Forces 

In order to grow your advertising techniques, it’s essential that you take into account these 8 life forces:

  1. Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension
  2. Enjoyment of food and beverages
  3. Freedom from fear, pain, danger
  4. Sexual companionship
  5. Comfortable living conditions
  6. To be superior, winning, keeping up with the Joneses
  7. Care and protection of loved ones
  8. Social approval

As shown above, these 8 human desires can be used by bloggers. As well as Drew explains that if you mention a minimum of 1 desire in your posts regularly, it will increase your sales.

Chapter 2: The 17 Foundational Principles of Consumer Psychology

As has been noted this chapter provides a lot of information about why people buy stuff. By adding these 17 foundational principles of customer psychology, you will be able to improve your copywriting skills overnight. 

The following 4 principles, in particular, you should pay the most attention to:

  1. The Fear Factor – Generally the one tactic you can use to motivate your prospect is fear. Most important is that the product you offer must be the solution for that fear, or else it will never get sold.
  2. The Bandwagon Effect – Basically, if people need to feel like they belong to something greater than themselves. With this in mind, your product needs to create a community of like-minded people. If so, it will have an easier time finding its way into customers’ lives. Also, some people enjoy purchasing items that can offer them a sense of belonging or self-worth.
  3. Examples vs Statistics – Always use examples over statistics. Because they make the information process easier than that of numbers.
  4. Shortcuts to Persuasion – When writing your copy Drew advises you to use the following 6 principles to persuade others to buy: Reciprocity, Authority, Comparison, Liking, Consistency, and Scarcity. 

Chapter 3: 41 Proven Techniques For Selling Anything to Anyone

At length, Drew explains the best techniques to sell including using the medium of printed ads.

Chapter 4: 101 Easy Ways To Boost Your Ad Response

The final section summarizes the entire book and helps you to remember what you have read, and it’s a great resource to have while you are writing your copy.

Every book has its pros and cons, and Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman is no different:

1. Cashvertising will help you, no matter what you are doing online whether it be social media, paid ads, or blogging.1. One thing to keep in mind, the 3rd Chapter of the book is outdated in the resource media of newspaper advertising however the techniques can still be tailored to online advertising.
2. The book only has a minimal amount of pages, which makes it an excellent book for a quick read. The techniques are short and brief to make understanding easy.
3. The best part about the book is that it is purely based on scientific researched information and studies.


Not only does Drew Eric Whitman provide you with examples of how to write effective headlines for radio, TV, and print advertisements but also how to sell advertising spaces.

As well as hints and tips on how to craft creative headlines.

Another key point is these headline examples are provided in a way that makes them easy to understand what they are intended for.

To summarise, the book Cashvertising by Drew Eric Whitman is great for learning online marketing. This book can help you become better at marketing. Not to mention, the book teaches readers how to create engaging ads, and write for social media and blogs.

Overall, if you are looking to improve your copy and make more sales online, this book is for you. 

You don’t need to be a copywriter or have any experience in marketing. You will learn how to use persuasive words and phrases in your content to make more sales online through this book.

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