“Traffic Secrets” by Russell Brunson Summary

Traffic Secrets By Russell Brunson Book Summary

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“Traffic Secrets” by Russell Brunson

This is the 3rd book in Russell’s secret trilogy series on internet marketing secrets. 

If you haven’t already and would like to, you can read my summaries of his other 2 books in the trilogy, 1st book Dotcom Secrets, and 2nd book Expert Secrets

These books have a series and although you can understand them separately, by reading them in the order you will learn more.

Summary Of Traffic Secrets

The main concept behind the book Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson explains how to get traffic to your funnels and online businesses. The more traffic you drive, the more chances you have of gaining a sale. Russell constantly reminds you how important traffic is to the survival of online businesses. 

Russell has been very successful in growing his company “Clickfunnels” year after year. He has done this by gaining new customers and thousands of people going to his website every month. 

He uses his experience on growing his business by sharing the same techniques he has used himself in being able to generate traffic and shows you as a reader how you can do the same. 

Who Is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson has gained a following of over 1 million people over the last 19 years. He is also New York Times best-selling author and sold thousands of copies of his books worldwide. 

Russell is the co-founder of a company called “ClickFunnels” and managed to grow his business to an overwhelming $100 million in its first year and at the moment “Clickfunnels” has over 100 thousand active users.

Russell has had more than 1000 of his students become millionaires through his training and software. These people are now part of an exclusive “Two Comma Club” club. Russell also gives back by donating $1 to build schools in Africa every time a funnel goes live.

“People who pay, pay attention.” – Russell Brunson

Chapter Overviews

Part 1: Your Dream Customer

You need to first understand who your dream customer is and then understand how you can solve all of their problems.

If you are able to provide value to the customer and know what their expectation of you is then you will be able to provide the maximum amount of value to that customer. Russell explains how to turn anyone who is searching something online into a customer.

Turning your dream customer into contant traffic is the best way to get your business to survive with algorithm updates.

Part 2: Fill your Funnel

Russell believes it is very important to get customers from different places online. Finding where your customers could be and then attracting them to go through your funnel is a good marketing strategy. 

Social media platforms are a great resource for finding your dream customer. Using google search to get more clients to see your products online. 

The 6 step guide provided in this step will help you create engaging and outstanding content. 

Part 3: Growth Hacking

Different strategies are explained on how to get customers from other businesses in order to get new customers. 

Examples provided can be getting online marketers to promote your products for a commission of the sale. 

Funnel conversion phase – getting cold traffic that is uninterested into more active traffic. That is going to buy your products and market them on your behalf. 

With every book, there are always pros and cons, and Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson is no different:

1. Gain more traffic using the strategies thought in Traffic Secrets.1. You need to have or going to launch a business in order to put the teaching to work.
2. Learn how to solve all your customers problems.
3. Give you the knowledge on how to take your business to the next level.


Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson is great for anyone trying to gain more traffic online to scale their business. Russell is a great writer and his explanations are straight to the point and easy to understand. 

The book is perfect for anyone no matter what level you are or where you are along your marketing journey. 

As mentioned at the beginning of the summary, this book is the 3rd book in Russell’s trilogy series, so it would make sense that the teachings and methods would be easier to use and understand when combined with his 1st book Dotcom Secrets and 2nd book “Expert Secrets”.

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