Do I Have To Have My Picture On My Blog?

You will have noticed that some websites have a picture of the author/owner and different team members who contribute to the website or some that have no picture at all.

Having a picture on your blog is optional, it is a personal choice and depends on how you have set up your website, keep reading as I will discuss this in more detail. 

Why have a picture of yourself

Websites that have chosen to place a picture of themselves or their team members on their blog is because they have created a personal blog.

Personal blogs are websites where personal branding is the most effective marketing technique because it’s a great way for entrepreneurs to connect with their audience on a much deeper level. 

In today’s world, many people want to feel important and included.

By creating a personal blog, they will have a personal connection with their audience in the form of firstly having a picture of themselves which allows their audience to see who exactly is behind the content they are reading or the products they are buying. 

This is especially important because their number one goal is to promote themselves as an influencer or mentor within their particular niche.

The most common niches that personal blogs tend to create are fitness and health, make money online and fashion, to name a few. 

This can be in the form of either creating online courses, fitness exercises, and programs, how to make healthy meals, or even try on hauls. For them to teach or show their audience about these topics they would need to show themselves to their audience and be the face for the products they are promoting. 

Many people who have a personal blog often also have a youtube channel and personal Instagram account which gives them more of an opportunity to connect with their audience online on an even more personal level.

Instagram and youtube is a great way for entrepreneurs to show a bit more of their personality and insight into who they are and what they like outside of their website. This will help make their audience feel they have a more human connection and feel part of their lives in some way even if it is just through social media. 

By having their audience more engaged in knowing who they are as an individual will help them grow a following on social media as this constant traffic to their social pages can make a difference to their overall traffic on their website. 

Posting stories and highlights on Instagram about their personal life by showing their family, friends, travel experiences, or their day to day life make a personal blog with a picture so much more interesting as there is a real person they get to know behind the content and not just a name. 

As you can see, the reasons why many choose to create a personal blog and place their picture on their website is because it has huge benefits when you are trying to promote brands whether it’s their brand or other brands they enjoy and feel that their audience would enjoy too.

Why some Bloggers have opted out of placing a picture of themselves 

You also get many websites that are more informational based. This will play a huge part in why many bloggers around the world don’t have their photos on their website. 

The aim of their blog is purely from an informative perspective where their main goal is to help provide the reader with the most helpful information to answer their questions. 

The advantage of having an informative blog is that you can change your blog to a personal one whenever you feel ready to.

Sometimes when bloggers start they are uncomfortable with the idea of having people seeing their picture online on their blog and rather choose to blog anonymously. This could be for personal reasons, lack of confidence, or even privacy.

The internet can be a very cruel place and social media influencers have to deal with unkind people commenting on their posts or videos daily. You have to grow a thick skin and ignore people who take their own insecurities and put them on you. This is why it’s so important to do what you feel comfortable with. 

When choosing to blog, not from a personal approach means that the marketing strategy is slightly different. When it comes to their social media accounts, instead of promoting themselves they have made it more about their brand name and the information they have to offer. 

This would mean that their posts will be different as it would be more informational type content or even telegrams on Instagram to provide their followers with more information and value to keep them engaged while viewing their content.

This will gain the traffic needed to their website just as a personal influencer will, however, it will take longer as they won’t have that personal connection but they do have interesting information to offer.

Many owners who choose to market in this way find creating a branded Pinterest and Instagram account helps them post their content in a more creative way to engage their audience.

What helps keep these informative websites growing is their content. They are very focused on writing the most helpful and valuable information to boost traffic to their website. This also helps to eliminate their competition in google’s search results for the keywords they are trying to rank for. 

The more value and helpful tips they can provide within their articles is what helps them to market and sell either their brand or other brands.


As you can see, whether you choose to have a personal blog with your picture or an informative blog without, both ways can and will bring you huge success. 

It’s all about choosing what’s right for you. Some might feel comfortable showing their face online and some people don’t and that is ok. 

Your content and what you provide is the key to success. Some find success through personal branding and some find success through informative content. 

The important thing to remember is to do what is going to make you happy and what you find the most comfortable.

Remember, it’s all about how you market what you have to offer to your audience on your website and social media platforms.

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