Easy Online Payment Process Using WPForms and Authorize.Net

WPForms and Authorize.Net makes online payments method easy

Are you looking for a secure way to accept payments online no matter the online payments method?

Look no further, in this article I will be discussing how WPForms has a new Addon that integrates with Authorize.Net which is going to be a game-changer for you in your business. 

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What Are WPForms?

WPForms is the best form-building software that comes with a complete code-free drag-and-drop system that allows anyone to create high-converting contact forms, payment forms, surveys, newsletters, and registration forms.

Not only is their system easy to use but if you are anything like I am when it comes to privacy, WPForms has got this covered.

Any form created in WPForms can have a GDPR agreement field added to it.

What Does GDPR Have To Do With Online Payments Method?

Well GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, which focuses on collecting and storing people’s data. Storing your current and future customer data through 3rd parties is what WPForms assures.

The online world as we know it is growing and changing all the time as there are more and more people surfing and using the internet than ever before.

As an online business owner make sure that you are fully compliant with the current laws in place. Make your customers feel safe about sharing their data.

Form builders like WPForms, make it possible for you to have the best of both worlds, almost like having your cake and eating it too.

You not only protect your current and future customer’s data but also keep your business compliant with current GDPR laws.

Learn more by reading our Iubenda – the solution to all your GDPR needs review here, or head straight to Iubenda’s website for more information.

Why Use Authroize.Net For Online Payments Method?

Authroize.Net has taken care of billions of transactions on behalf of 430,000 Merchants.

Many payment platforms only have a limited selection of online payments method for your customers to choose from. This is why WPForms created Authorize.Net addon to help businesses accept a variety of online payments method.

Authorize.Net keeps your customer’s detail from actual payment processing safe. Your customer’s data is protected throughout the payment process.

This is so beneficial to your business as you will no longer be losing possible paying customers!

How is Authorize.Net going to increase my sales, you might be asking? 

Let’s think about this for a moment…

How many times have you noticed that one of your customers wanted to pay for something but your customer preferred other online payment methods and so they decided not to purchase the product? 

This is exactly how businesses are losing money because the last thing you want is to lose potential customers because of something as simple as not having online payments method they feel comfortable with. 

When you are an online business owner, placing yourself in your customer’s shoes enables you to provide better service. So, you can understand from your customer’s perspective that not everyone is comfortable paying with their credit card and many prefer safer online payments method such as PayPal.

Well, now by having WPForms that integrate with Authroize.Net you will be able to increase your sales by providing an online payments method your customers are comfortable with which also increases your business’s trust and conversions.

What you can provide your customers when your payment forms are live:

  1. All of your future customers will have a variety of payment options ranging from debit cards, credit cards, and eChecks to digital payments like Apple Pay, PayPal, and Visa Click to Pay.
  2. Your Customers will be able to pay on any device including a mobile device at any time without exception.
  3. You will be able to give your customers the choice to pay a one-time payment or recurring payment depending on what they decided to do.
  4. You can even use Authroize.Net advanced fraud detection system.

How to create a payment form in WPForms with Authorize.Net?

Now, let me walk you through how to integrate WPForms and Authorize.Net addon. Also how to set up your one-time and recurring online payments method forms.

Note: This step-by-step guide will only work if you have signed up for WPForms Elite License.

Step 1: First, you would need to signup for WPForms here

After signing up for WPForms Elite License, you will need to log in to your WordPress dashboard. Download the WPForms plugin by clicking on “Plugins” and then “Add New”.

In the plugins search bar type “WPForms” and after that click “Install” and “Activate”.

Now, that you have installed and activated the WPForms plugin, you are going to need to insert your “license key”. You can find it in your WPForms account under the “Downloads” tab.

Once you have located your license key you would then need to copy and paste it into the WPForms plugin. In your WordPress dashboard under “Settings”, “License Key”, paste your key and then click “verify key”.

Step 2: Now you are going to need to activate the Authorize.Net Addon. You can do this from the WPForms plugin by clicking “Addons” and then “Authorize.Net Addon”.

Once located “install” and “activate” the Authorize.Net Addon.

Step 3: Once the “Authorize.Net Addon” is installed and activated, click on the WPforms left menu within the plugin. Click on “Settings” and then the “Payments” tab.

If you want to change the currency of your payment form click on the currency dropdown.

To start integrating online payments method, you can change the currency on your WPForms

Step 4: Scroll down to the section named Authorize.Net. Here fill in the keys for your “live” transactions as test transactions have a different key. So for this step-by-step guide, we will focus on “live” transactions.

For these settings, you’ll need to get these details from your Authorize.Net account.

Coolest online payments method with Authorize.Net

Step 5: Sign in to your Authorize.Net account in a new tab or window in your browser.

If you do not have an account with Authorize.Net, you need to create one before continuing to the next steps.

Step 6: Once logged into your account you will see that there is a toggle. Make sure that you set that toggle to “Live” not “Test” transactions.

Switch your accepting online payments method in Authorize.Net to live not test

Step 7: Now that it’s set to “Live” you need your API keys.

You can do this by clicking on the left menu of your Authorize.Net account then click “Settings

Click settings in your Authorize.Net account to get API key to setup online payments method

On the settings page, you will see “API Credentials and Keys”.

Find the link to your API key in Authorize.Net account

On this page, you will need to copy the “API Login ID”.

Copy your API key to setup online payments method with WPForms

Once copied, you need to head back over to your WPForms plugin and under “API Login ID” paste this ID.

Now that you have your “API Login ID” pasted in, you will now need a “Transaction Key”.

Note: If you already have a transaction key then you will not need to create one. All you have to do is use your existing key.

Now, if you don’t have a “Transaction Key”. On the same page where you got your “API Credentials and Keys” look for “Create New Keys”.

On the “Create New Keys” section next to “Obtain”, click “New Transactions Key” and then “Submit”. 

Once you click “Submit” you will be shown a verification process which you will then need to click “Request Pin”.

Once you have clicked “Request Pin” you then need to enter the pin that you would have received via email.

Now that your pin has been entered and verified, you can copy your “New Transaction Key”.

Once you have copied your “New Transactions Key” head back over to your WPForms plugin and paste the key in the “Transaction Key” field and click “Save Settings”.

If these settings have been saved successfully you will see that there will be a message at the top of your WPForms plugin page.

Step 8: Now you need to create an Authroize.Net and WPForms one-time payment form.

Note: If you do not have an exciting payment form then you will need to create one but if you have one then you can edit your existing one.

Now that you have the Authroize.Net addon all set up and ready for payment, you will need to create a payment form from scratch. 

 Go to “WPForms” then click “Add New” to create a brand new form.

Once you have done that, locate and click “Billing/Order Form” also don’t forget to name your form.

In WPForms modify items available for order for online payments method

Next, you will need to modify what items are available for order.

To do this, locate the “Available Items” section on the right that the template includes and click on it.

This will then open up a “Field Options” in the left panel. Here you can rename the field, add or remove order items, and change the prices.

Choose items or images to show up on your online payments method form

If you would like to add images to your payment form to give users images to choose from when filling out your online payments method form, click on the “Use Image Choices” checkbox in the Form Editor.

By adding images you will be allowing your users to see what the product looks like that they will be paying for.

If you want more fields you can do so by dragging and dropping fields from the left to the right-hand side of the form builder.

However, for a WPForms and Authroize.Net payment form to work, you will need the following fields in your form irrespective:

A name, email, items field (This can be anything from a single, multiple, checkbox, or dropdown item) and last but not least an Authorize.Net field. This is what will be collecting your customer’s card details.

Note: A Total field is not required for a payment form to work. However, it’s recommend to add it as it’s extremely helpful for your customers to be able to know how much they will be paying.

When all your fields are added to your form, click “Save”.

Then go to the “Payments” tab and click “Authorize.Net”.

From here, check the box labeled “Enable Authorize.Net payments”.

You have 3 options you can choose from:

  1. Payment Description – This will appear on your customer’s credit card statement. (This only applies with one-time payments)
  2. Authorize.Net Payment Receipt – The email field on your form will send a receipt to that email address. This is optional but recommended so that you know your customer will have a direct record of their payments (Again, this only applies to one-time payments)
  3. Customer Name – The name field on your form will send this information directly to Authorize.Net with all the other payment details.

When you have completed the settings, click “Save”.

Step 9: This step is to create a recurring subscription payment which will process a one-time payment and then also process future payments based on the schedule you select.

To start setting up and processing a recurring payment, you will need to check the box labeled “Enable Recurring Subscription Payments”. 

You will notice additional options you can choose from. These include:

  1. Plan Name – This is what will appear on your customer’s credit card statement. If this box is left empty, the name on the form will be the default name.
  2. Recurring Period – This will determine the settings of all the future payments that will be processed.
  3. Customer Email – You have the option to choose the same email from the email field that the subscriptions will be associated with.
  4. Customer Name – You have the option to choose the first and last name from the name field that the subscriptions will be associated with.

Once done, don’t forget to save your settings.


Overall, you can see that having a reliable payment form and online payments method is crucial for any business that needs and wants to be sustainable over time. 

With WPForms and Authorize.Net addon, you can see that this has become an easier process for you and your customers.

This in turn will also help you increase your customers’ sales and finally allow you to capture and retain those customers that would have not purchased had you not had a payment method they were comfortable with.

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