Flatsome Review – The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Theme

Flatsome The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Theme Review

If you are looking for the ultimate multi-purpose theme then you need Flatsome. When you start building a website there are 3 fundamental steps you need to begin with. 

domain name, a hosting platform, and a theme. Without these, you will not have a functioning website. 

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Your theme should represent the niche you will be creating your website for. What’s so great about Flatsome Theme is that this theme is perfect for any website niche whether you are creating a simple blogging website or a woocommerce website with WordPress to sell products online. 

Over 153,000 buyers have purchased this theme from the ThemeForest page. UX Themes, the company behind it, has said that it’s a great WooCommerce template. This is because the homepage features a zoomed-in product listing for greater visibility.

In this article, I will be discussing all there is to know about the Flatsome Theme. This will include why it’s important to have a theme, to begin with, features Flatsome offers, and more.

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About Flatsome Theme

Firstly Flatsome is a multi-purpose responsive woocommerce theme. It was created in September 2013 and has a 4.8 average based on over 6300 ratings.

Flatsome theme has been developed by UX Themes company that also creates themes for WordPress websites. This theme is compatible with Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and more. It is also the top-rated and highly recommended theme to date.

So, now let’s talk about why themes are so important…

Why Investing In A Theme Is Important

Themes are important for websites because they create the overall look for your visitors which includes the layout, color scheme, and elements. Without having a premium theme you are unable to represent your brand, product, or service to your visitors professionally. 

Many free themes are available that come with WordPress however I do not recommend you use them. 

This is because if WordPress decides to no longer provide those free themes, your website will stop working and you will lose your entire site. 

You also don’t have many features, elements, or options to choose from with free themes so the overall look and feel of your website will not convey your brand, product, or service the way you want it to. 

With premium themes, however, such as Flatsome the ultimate multi-purpose theme you have access to many templates, color schemes, elements, and more. You also have proper SEO optimization, customer support, and regular updates. 

Don’t be the one who didn’t decide to invest in a premium theme and end up losing your website or even worse continually having technical issues, SEO problems, or struggling to build your website the way you want it to look because of the limited design, color, and features free themes provide. 

What’s So Great About The Flatsome Theme

Flatsome the ultimate multi-purpose theme is perfect for anyone to use not just someone looking to build a woocommerce online store. You can be a beginner starting your very first website right through to a WordPress expert. 

You do not need to have any prior experience or knowledge of web development because the Flatsome theme is 100% code-free. 

They have an easy built-in drag and drop page builder so creating your website doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or even a scary experience especially if you are a first-timer. 

Their page builder is also live, so you can see your changes immediately as you make them. 

Their builder also comes with a large element library to help you create your website with ease. Some of these elements include banner boxes, image boxes, text boxes, sliders, columns, and the list goes on. 

With Flatsome, you have a variety of theme options to choose from which makes it such a great multi-purpose theme. Many pre-made templates are easily customizable.

In the drag and drop header builder, you have the option to choose your primary, secondary, and link colors that you would like to be displayed throughout your website. You can also add a custom logo design, choose your favorite font sizes, add social icons, and more.

When you are deciding on a theme, it’s always important to check the loading speed the theme is running. The speed of a website will help you rank higher on Google as well as provide an excellent user experience when landing on your site.

It doesn’t help to have a beautiful website you have taken time to build with interesting and informative content and your website speed lets you down. 

This is why Flatsome is not only the ultimate multi-purpose theme but one of the fastest WordPress themes available. Flatsome theme speed has a 98/100 score for Google page speed and a 100/100 score for both desktop and mobile. This is possible because their software has been created with minimal and optimized code to help speed up website performance. 

There are over 300 design layouts and section templates to choose from so that there is a design perfect for anyone and any use. Their designs are unique, professional, and created with the intention and focus on user experience. 

Flatsome Theme also enables you to add smooth parallax scrolling which means that your content moves quicker than your images in the background. This will help to also enhance the performance of your website.

This is not all, if you find the process of creating your website template from scratch daunting you can choose Flatsome theme’s one-click demo content to help you have a base layout that you can rearrange and customize. With these demo layouts, you can add or remove pages, elements, or sections to your liking. 

This theme is also highly recommended internationally because Flatsome has been translated into over 12 different languages so you can create and build your website in the language you feel comfortable with. 

Flatsome Theme Price

The Regular License is $59 on ThemeForest for one single website. The Extended License costs $2,950 if you want to use the theme across more than one site or with more than one customer. You can also purchase a 12-month support extension for either plan.

Positives And Negatives

1. Affordable pricing and mobile-friendly1. Support is only available for 6 months after purchase
2. No coding required
3. Drag-and-drop builder system
4. Theme can be used for different niche websites not just a WooCommerce store
5. Customizable pre-built templates, layouts, and builders to save you time
6. SEO optimized
7. You have access to a lifetime of updates

Q.Is the license a one-time payment? Answer: Yes, the license is a one-time purchase however you will only have access to the support for either the 6 months that comes with your license or the additional 6 months you paid for. After that, you will have no support however by that time, you would not need the support. 


Overall, Flatsome is the ultimate multi-purpose theme. It’s a great option if you are looking for a responsive, SEO-optimized, versatile, and easy-to-use theme.

Even though it is a woocommerce theme, that will help you manage an online store with all its amazing features such as inventory control, shipping, payment processing, and delivery, it is also great for those who want to build a non-woocommerce website. 

Flatsome Theme is great because of its versatility because you can always later attach a woocommerce online store to your already established website should you want to diversify your income streams.

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