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GetResponse Review

GetResponse email automation software is every online business’s dream tool.

The email has come a long way from the way it was used in the old days, when people usually relied on posting their information.

Nowadays, email marketing is one of the most popular tools for any business. No wonder there is a daily average of 4 billion email users.

In this GetResponse review article, we will cover the basics of email marketing, and the benefits of using email automation software, so let’s get started.

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What Is Email Marketing?

You may have heard of email marketing, but what exactly is it? Email marketing is a strategy that uses emails as an effective way to convey your message.

Usually, emails consist of links or pop-ups that are designed to entice people into clicking them and visiting your website.

In order for an email campaign to be successful, it needs a clear goal, a well-written email, the ability to track results, and more.

Over a third of marketers send weekly emails, whereas close to one-quarter email more than once per month.

About GetResponse

This autoresponse tool is one of the top email marketing software in the world. 

The company was first launched in 1997 by Simon Grabowski. A year later he opened their first office in Poland. 

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The company continued to grow year after year and each year they added features including a smart autoresponder and released 150 email templates to their software. But it didn’t stop there, in 2009 GetResponse email automation went global. 

They now have over 350,000 businesses using their all-in-one platform in 183 countries. Not to mention their platform is available in 27 languages, some including Polish and even Russian. 

The Benefits Of GetResponse

GetResponse is a fantastic all-around software that helps you to generate leads. You can engage with your customers in a variety of ways – from working from home, to increasing and growing your sales online and selling your knowledge.

Entrepreneurs, retailers, website owners, or medium to large companies can use this software. 

If you use forms, ads, sell a product/service, or teach, GetResponse is the software you need for email automation.

Features GetResponse Offers

How does GetResponse work? To have a successful email campaign, GetResponse has 8 integrated features:

1. Email marketing 

Email creator – You can easily create emails that look professional with their built-in drag-and-drop system. You are also able to edit your images by cropping, filtering, or changing the text and color. 

As well as they have a wide range of over 5000 free images, gifs, and social media features to choose from.

It’s super easy to set up and schedule your emails by selecting the fields for the email address and recipients, email subject, a preview of the email, and whether you would like to send it immediately or schedule it to be sent later.

They also have a wide range of online newsletter templates free to choose from that are customisable.

Your emails can also be mobile optimized by hiding sections or elements of your email not to show on mobile which will help you generate higher conversions.  

With GetResponse email automation marketing technology, your emails will not be sent to any spam folders and only be sent to your recipient’s inboxes.

Your emails can also be set at a specific time when you think your audience will most likely see and read your emails by using their perfect timing tool.

If you have international audiences, you can set the time travel delivery method which will send your emails to your recipients according to their specific local time. 

Another great feature with email creators is you can deliver personalized experiences by generating email content around your customer’s interests. 

All-in-one software

You can also optimize and analyze your email campaigns with A/B testing, monitor clicks, and connect your emails to google analytics. GetResponse does spam checks to make sure your emails are being sent to your customer’s inboxes. 

Email autoresponders – This feature allows you to set a time, or event for your emails to be sent out automatically.

Once you have created your emails with the email creator, you can then automate the journey your emails travel.

Doing this helps you with time management as you can pre-prepare emails in advance. Then when you are ready schedule them to go out based on the time and date you have set. 

You also have a setting where you can retarget customers who either didn’t open the email within a time period or who opened the email but did not read it. This will help you increase conversions. 

If you are a blogger who continually publishes new blog articles, you can have them sent automatically to your customers as soon as you publish as well as automatically have them shared on Facebook and Twitter.

Email analytics – Receive data on your email performance.

Here you can track real-time activity such as click-through rates, device popularity and even compare email campaigns side by side. Website tracking helps to keep track of your sales, sign-ups as well as how many of your visitors came from a link in your email.

Monitoring your customers is important to know which action to take and what content to write. 

This is why having subscription statistics is so useful as you can see your daily or monthly average, popular subscription rates, and the location of your audience. 

Besides, sending targeted follow-up content to those of your customers who clicked or opened a specific email or link helps to grow your sales. 

On the other hand for the customers who didn’t open their email, you can retarget those customers by changing the subject line and resending the email all with just one click. 

This is highly effective because this way you don’t miss out on leads.

Email list builder – This allows you to target and personalize your forever-growing email list.

Several functionalities come with this including a single opt-in. Here you can upload contact lists and data fields to group together. 

Create contact segments by assigning tags and scores while obtaining and managing data consent from your subscribers. What they would like to receive and the use of surveys helps you to learn more about your customer’s preferences. 

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Transactional Email Service – This allows you to send notifications to your customers to keep them up to date with their purchases.

For instance, let’s say you had a customer view your product, and place it in their cart but hadn’t made the purchase. You can send a reminder email to that customer who didn’t complete their order and abandoned their cart. As a result, you convert more customers. 

Monitor your email statistics and alter campaigns that don’t seem to be converting as well as you might like.

2. Conversion Funnel

Unlike any other conversion funnel, GetResponse allows you to have a single opt-in signup form to capture new leads on your landing pages. 

In exchange for email addresses, you can share valuable content known as lead magnet funnels. 

You can also use the sales funnels to help promote, sell, and deliver your products more effectively and efficiently. 

Last but not least you can use webinar funnels. In general, it enables you to earn money by providing free or paid webinars you have created. Building those all-important business relationships helps spread your knowledge on that particular topic.

3. Landing Page Builder

Simple, easy, and quick to do. Build amazing professional-looking landing pages to help convert your traffic and leads. 

These landing pages will help you grow your email lists. You can build up your page with a lot of popular items and services. Or you could even sell your own products with a lead-capture form, or use webinars to promote your own services.

4. Marketing Automation Builder

The drag-and-drop visual marketing builder will help you to automate the ideal customer journey for greater conversions. 

The setup process is user-friendly and easy to do. You can save time and resources by creating a process called workflows for your campaigns. Sending automated emails helps you capture and convert new leads.

Because it’s simple and time-saving you will sell more products from the abandoned cart reminder emails with far less effort. 

Using the customer data you have access to allows you to attach personal messages making your customer feel valued.

5. Website Push Notification

This feature helps to bring people back to your website. It’s known that returning visitors convert better than first-time visitors so it’s important to keep your visitors engaged. 

To gain essential growth in your marketing strategy, web push notifications are essential and there is no limit to the number of notifications you can send to your customers. 

6. Webinar Builder

If you are someone who loves to teach, create seminars, or online classes to share with your customers then this webinar builder GetResponse has is just for you. 

It allows you to host unlimited webinars with space for up to 1000 live attendees.

You can also share your webinar with two additional presenters if you wish and best of all, you can store all your webinar recordings for up to 20 hours. 

7. Signup Forms

Signup forms like that for your newsletter are super easy to do with the GetResponse drag and drop built-in feature. You can embed the form you created in the top bar, sidebar, footer, or anywhere you choose on your website. 

You can also create popup forms and decide when and where they should pop up to increase conversion rates. 

If you are new and just getting started, GetResponse email automation will host your form on your behalf. All you need to do is share the link. Best of all, the forms can be integrated with WordPress and many other online platforms. 

8. Online Ad Creator

This allows you to create built-in ads for your emails. These could be Facebook, Google, or even social media ads.

Additionally, these paid targeted ads will help you to target your current subscribers and optimize the content they enjoy. Find and target people who have similar interests to your current customers.

Retargeting those who left your landing page and did not convert with relevant ads.

If you are trying to sell and promote your own product or service, you can run targeted ads that specifically advertise your product or services. 


GetResponse offers 4 pricing plans that can either be paid monthly, yearly, or every 2 years. Also, GetResponse offers a free 30-day trial of their Basic, Plus, or Professional plans, with no credit card required. 

Basic – This allows you to send emails and build a contact list. Some of the features included in this plan are email marketing, autoresponders, unlimited landing pages, unlimited automation templates and more.

Plus – Generate Leads, sell products and grow profits. You get all the features offered in the basic plan with additional features including automation builder up to 5 workflows, webinars with max of 100 attendees and more.

Professional – Optimise your results with pro automation and integration. You will get everything in the plus plan with additional features including unlimited automation builder, web push notifications, paid webinars and more.

Max – Evolve your marketing with an advanced platform. Once again you get everything that comes in the pro plan with additional features, some including transactional emails, dedicated support, account migration support and more.

All their pricing plans have the option to choose your list size starting from 1000 up to 100 000.

View GetResponse detailed pricing plans and start optimising your income through email marketing in an easier and more efficient way. 

All-in-one software

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Does GetResponse forms come with GDPR integration? Answer: Yes, you can create and manage consent fields that you can add to your forms to keep them GDPR compliant. 

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Q.Is GetResponse compatible with all devices? Answer: Yes, GetResponse is compatible with IOS and Android.

Q.Does GetResponse offers a free trial and what does the free trial include? Answer: Yes, you have the option to try GetResponse email automation for free for 30 days without having to give any credit card details. Each plan comes with a free trial, so it’s up to you which plan you decide to try.  

Like with any software, there are pros and cons and GetResponse is no different:

Firstly, the drag-and-drop features makes GetResponse email automation tool user-friendly There is only one negative. The automation builder which is the feature where you are able to create the workflows for your emails doesn’t come with the basic plan.
Secondly, the variety of forms you can create are all within this software tool
Thirdly, there are many already customised templates available to choose from so, if you are unfamiliar with the layout of how you would like the forms to look, the templates are a great option.
Finally,the help centre and staff are friendly and available 24/7 through their live chat.


To conclude, GetResponse has all your online form-building features under one tool. As well as it’s convenient, time-efficient, cost-effective, and best of all user friendly. 

In conclusion, increasing your sales and conversion rates is the ultimate goal to making money online and by using GetResponse, you will be giving yourself that extra advantage over your competitors. 

Retargeting, personalizing, and having the ability to be able to know exactly what your visitors are doing with the emails you send them is important so that you can optimize and create content around their interests. 

Start using GetResponse today and see how your conversion rates increase.

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