How To Setup hCaptcha – A Friendly Alternative To reCAPTCHA

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Do you have a website collecting information for a contact form or have a comments section so that you can see what your visitors are saying about your content or product?

If so, you would know the hassle of continually getting spam messages or emails caused by these automated bots. 

Imagine if there was a privacy-focused solution to combating this problem. 

Well, in this article I will be discussing the latest technology called hCaptcha which is conveniently available on WPForms version 1.6.4.  

What is hCaptcha and why you need it

hCaptcha stands for the “Human Completely Automated Public Turing Test”.

This tool differentiates between whether a human or computer is filling in online forms. 

hCaptcha is important and necessary to have in place to remove or at the least reduce the number of automated bots spamming your website. 

Bots are the number one cybersecurity risk all websites take very seriously. This is because they scrape data illegally to resell. 

If you don’t have a spam protection tool such as hCaptcha in place to combat bots scraping your website you could potentially be at risk of malware infecting your computer, fraud, and automated abusive activity online. 

By implementing hCaptcha to your contact form, you greatly reduce the amount of spam contact form submissions that typically are created from bots. These spam submissions give you the illusion you have more human submissions than you have. 

The same can be said for the comments section of a website. Many times bots will place false comments. 

hCaptcha reduces the chances of this happening which makes the comments readable and valid. You will also have peace of mind knowing that all your entries in the comments section are from real human visitors. 

hCaptcha is not country-specific which means that anyone anywhere around the world can implement hCaptcha to their forms on their websites.

What is the difference between hCaptcha and reCAPTCHA

CAPTCHA was first created in 2000 by Manual Blum. Since then, reCAPTCHA was developed and launched by Google in 2007 which was a more advanced technology to prevent bot access.

With continual technological advances, feedback from users, and an increase in online activity over the years, an alternative has been launched called hCaptcha. 

hCaptcha is designed to keep your website forms free from automated bots which have been easier than ever to implement with the new WPForms integration for hCaptcha.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and this is not and by no means any legal advice. I would recommend you seek legal counsel if there is anyting you don’t understand. This article is for informational purposes only. 

The difference between the two spam protection tools is that reCAPTCHA used to be a free service however Google now charges for the use of their service. Data protection is also not reCAPTCHA’s main priority or focus when it comes to GDPR. 

This is the complete opposite for hCaptcha. They take online privacy relating to data regulations such as GDPR and CCPA seriously and have made sure that all the necessary laws for users are met and that they are completely compliant. 

hCaptcha is also free to use, which means that you don’t have to spend any additional money making sure that your website forms don’t run the risk of having automated spambots. 

Why WPForms is the best Privacy centered Form builder on the Market

WPForms has been known and recommended as one of the best online form builders. They not only have a built-in drag and drop system but also allow you to add GDPR compliant agreement fields when creating your forms.

Their paid plans allow you to add additional checkboxes to your forms to ask your users for their consent for the use of their data that would be stored. 

These additional checkboxes include users having to accept your terms and conditions as well as your privacy policy. 

Unfortunately under GDPR law, you have to collect and track all of your consents from your forms in an organized manner.

With WPForms paid plan, this process is super easy as you will have complete access to all the data entries from your forms. 

Also, WPForms allows you to integrate hCaptcha within their form builder.  

If you are interested in using WPForms paid plan, click here

How to Set up hCaptcha with WPForms

To easily integrate hCaptcha with WPForms follow these steps below:

Step 1: Log in to your wordpress dashboard. If you haven’t downloaded the WPforms plugin, go to “plugins”, click “add new” and then search “WPforms”.

Step 2: Click “Install” and then “Activate”.

Step 3: Navigate your way to the WPForms tab on the left and click “settings”.

Step 4: You will see in the settings area of WPForms the option to either use hCaptcha or Google’s reCAPTCHA.

Step 5: Click on hCaptcha which will automatically enable it. This will allow you to choose the service when you go to create your form in the WPForms form builder dashboard. 

Step 6: To create your forms, click “add new” on the left side of the WPForms plugin underneath “all forms”. 


If you are currently using WPForms and have updated to version 1.6.4 then definitely give hCaptcha a try.

If you don’t currently have a reliable form builder that is GDPR compliant and you are interested in checking out WPForms you can click here for further information.

Overall, privacy is going to become more important year-round so having a compliant and privacy-focused form builder is crucial and with the addition of hCaptcha, your website will be spam-protected.

I recommend WPForms to anyone who is looking for a reliable and well-rounded service with excellent friendly support.

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