Is Blogging Only For Americans?

Blogging has become what now seems like the new norm over the years. Many entrepreneurs who make money online often have one or more blog websites.

The amazing thing about owning a blogging website is that it’s not just for Americans.

Blogging has worldwide access

The main reason the internet is so widely popular is to communicate worldwide. Hence why every website’s URL on the internet begins with “www” (World Wide Web)   

It is important to note that there are over 600 Million Active Bloggers worldwide who post at least one article monthly. How amazing is that, not to mention how much information, opinions, and advice is at your fingertips.

Many who own a blogging website use it to communicate with whoever is reading their articles on their site. There are several reasons why many people choose to create a blog. 

Many choose to blog to document personal experiences in their own lives or a particular area of their lives such as parenthood, relationships, or even travel holiday destinations. Other bloggers might take a more professional route and blog to provide helpful information on a specific topic or share and advise different business strategies and techniques.

Many companies who have a successful blog also have an online store as this generates a lot more traffic which results in more sales not only in their country but worldwide.

No matter what type of blog you create, anyone, anywhere can do it. This is what makes this career choice or side hobby for many people around the world so popular. Accessing the internet and connecting to different people from different cultures and backgrounds makes blogging very interesting and it’s only a click away.

We live in a world today where convenience is part of our DNA. We rely so much on the internet to access quick, reliable, and efficient information. Bloggers do the hard work of researching, typing, and posting so that their readers don’t have to. 

The information is also great because it doesn’t matter where in the world you live, you can easily learn and understand anything even if it is not provided in your home country. The internet has become the ultimate resource for a range of different niches from tips on decorating your home to learning a new language. You could learn Spanish while living in Africa for example. 

This is why people always say, “the world is at your fingertips”, scary but true. 

This is why I love the internet so much. The number of doors the internet can open for let us say someone less fortunate than the average person is endless. Education, employment and just surviving in the world we live in today is increasingly becoming more and more of a struggle. Opportunities are less and less present each day. The internet gives those who have struggled in life hope and opportunities they thought could only happen in their dreams, now becomes a very real possibility. 

Why blogging in America is so popular

When you go on the internet and research anything, oftentimes you will notice that many of the websites you access are American-based. 

Now, this again doesn’t mean you have to be American to become a blogger, it just happens to be the top-rated country that has the most amount of active blogging websites.

I at one point asked, why is this?

Almost 30% of all active blogging websites reside in America. The United Kingdom has almost 9%, this is 4 times less than in America.

As I’m sure you know everything seems to be bigger and better in America so a high online presence seems likely. Many bloggers make their money through affiliate links or ads placed on their websites. 

Affiliate links if you are not familiar with this term are part of a company’s affiliate program. When you sign up for an affiliate program and meet the requirements, you will be provided with a unique URL that is associated with your ID or username. These URLs are the links pasted into website articles. Whoever clicks on that link and purchases the item, the blogger will receive a commission for every sale. 

Many of these companies are American owned product brands and so the shipping and delivery fees are always less or next to nothing for the customer if they are ordering the product nationally. When it comes to international shipping, the cost especially for the customer increases. 

This is not to say that if you have a blogging website outside of America, you won’t get customers, it’s just the average shopper tends to be American. 

The American culture has adopted the habit of purchasing anything and everything they need online. As I explained earlier, convenience is a way of life these days, and American companies have made it very easy for their customers to utilize their online services by offering American customers exclusive discounts or free shipping. 

This is why many bloggers choose to target American audiences. The great thing about being able to blog in any country is that you are not restricted to only targeting your own country as any country in the world can be your target audience.

Another reason blogging is so popular in America is because the rest of the world is always playing catch up. Somehow no matter what is happening in the world, whether it be new technology, movies, screenplays, America is always front and center. 

America is known for being the leading country for the rest of the world to follow. Between the years 2001-2004, Political blogs became popular in America. These blogs were used to express all relevant political views and opinions and became the leading media news source outlet. From there blogging became more and more popular with many around the world adopting the habit of posting relevant information as it happens. 

Blogs can be seen in two lights. One being that they are personal diary entries online for personal use and so many bloggers choose to keep that personal information private or seen as a marketing resource to promote and grow businesses and companies worldwide. 


No matter where a person lives or why they want to create a blog, anyone can do it. Blogging is not gender or country-specific. 

It’s a creative platform for anyone to express their views, opinions, thoughts, and experiences through the art of words. 

You do not have to be American to become a well known and successful blogger online. Making money online is more than the country you live in.

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