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The world we live in today is moving towards digitalization faster than we all probably thought.

With this comes online data protection regulations and because of this, I’m sure you have probably heard the words GDPR, CCPA, or LGPD circulating.

Before I get into my review on how Iubenda can avoid you from having a compliance risk in the future and facing a hefty fine that could start at €6000 or $7361, I will explain what GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD is.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and this is not and by no means any legal advice. I would recommend you seek legal counsel if there is anything you don’t understand. This article is for informational purposes only.

This acronym stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It was passed in the European Union and European Council who have placed specific guidelines on how personal information is collected and processed.

All individuals and organizations who operate inside the European Union must comply with this legislation. This also applies to individuals and organizations living and operating outside the EU who supply goods and services to businesses and or companies inside the European Union.

Some of the data that falls under the GDPR protection are names, surnames, emails, identification numbers, addresses, locations, genetics, political opinions, etc.

This acronym stands for California Consumer Privacy Act which was signed into law in June 2018.

This law protects the privacy rights of consumer residents living in California in the United States.

This law has provided regulations for all businesses and or organizations everywhere in the world on how they need to comply with the personal information of California residents.

This acronym stands for Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados (Brazil ‘s General Personal Data Protection Law).

This law was introduced in the Federative Republic of Brazil to combine the 40 Brazilian laws currently in place that regulate how personal data is processed within Brazil.

About Iubenda

Iubenda is an organization that was created to help businesses, companies, and individuals implement privacy policies on their websites, mobile, and or Facebook apps.

Their solutions make your website/app compliant with new and ever-changing laws such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), and LGPD (Brazilian General Data Protection Act).

All of their laws have been professionally written by legal European lawyers who understand what needs to be implemented under each law.

Iubenda has completely revolutionized how people can generate and comply with legal law without having to hire a lawyer.

What Iubenda offers

Iubenda offers the following complete solutions:

  1. Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator
  2. Cookie Solution
  3. Terms and Conditions Generator
  4. Consent Solution
  5. Internal Privacy Management

Now, let’s look more closely at each of these solutions in detail.

1. Privacy and Cookie Policy Generator:

Iubenda’s cookie & privacy policies are written by European lawyers that are knowledgeable and experts in their field. Every policy is correctly written as the current laws and procedures stand.

To generate your own privacy policy Iubenda has made it easy for you to add or remove all the services you use that have personal data, this process can continually be updated at no extra cost. There are over 1000 services available in the list you can choose from.

One thing to note, Iubenda offers a basic plan option that is completely free which will allow you to create a privacy policy however there are some limited options such as you can only use it for one site/app and are only allowed to add up to 4 services to your policy.

Another great feature is that their Cookie and Privacy Policy does give you the option to embed the policy into your website code free. This is helpful especially if you don’t know anything about HTML coding.

There are 3 options to embed the Cookie and Privacy Policies:
1. Adding a widget to your footer (Standard Embedding)
2. Using a direct link (Can only be used with a Pro or Ultra License)
3. Directly embedding the text via javascript or API (Can only be used with Pro or Ultra License)

This code-free integration is also linked to your Iubenda dashboard meaning any changes you make to your privacy policy will automatically update on your site.

You have several customization options available to make your policies stand out. They also have a walkthrough step-by-step guide for each app and popular platforms (eg: WordPress) on how to generate your privacy and cookie policies and how to implement them.

Autoscan is one of my favorite features Iubenda offers. This is a service where Iubenda will scan your website/app after you have added and saved all your services to your policy to make sure that you haven’t missed adding a service you might be using to keep you fully compliant.

2. Cookie Solution:

Iubenda’s Cookie Solutions helps make websites compliant with GDPR by utilizing cookie banners, cookie policies, and cookie blocking management. You can customize the banner to your preference.

Once you have generated and bought your cookie solution you will need to integrate it into your website/app.

This can be done in two ways:
1. Using a plugin currently available for WordPress, Joomla!, and Prestashop
2. Copying Iubenda’s code to the HEAD tag section

I have found the 1st option, using the plugin to be the most effective and hassle-free. You just simply need to download and install the Iubenda Cookie Solution plugin, copy and paste your Cookie Solution script in the settings panel of the plugin and you’re done.

3. Terms and Conditions Generator:

This is a legally binding document that provides information to whoever is using your website with specific clauses when it comes to using your website.
Iubenda’s terms and conditions generator is a 3 step process. They also offer a guided step-by-step process on each step if you need it.

The first step is to add clauses. Always remember that the clauses you add to your terms and conditions should be individually customized and only apply to your situation and business.

The second step is Owner and Service info where you will be entering all your business details they ask you to fill out.

The third and final step is to simply embed your terms and conditions into your website/app either through a widget in the footer, using a direct link, or embedding text in the body of your website/app.

4. Consent Solution:

This solution should be used by anyone who is collecting email addresses, phone numbers, first and last names, etc from any type of forms such as a newsletter or contact form.
If you do not collect any personal information because you don’t have a newsletter or contact form then this won’t apply to you.

It’s your responsibility as the owner of your website/app under GDPR law, to ask for consent from your users to save and store their personal information they have given in the fields when they sign up to any of your forms online.

If you truly want your website/app to be compliant with GDPR law then having a consent managing system in place is necessary and Iubenda’s Consent Solution is an excellent software for this.

Without Iubenda’s Consent Solution management, you will find it extremely difficult to keep the consent data organized especially if you are collecting hundreds to thousands of consents a day. Also as your website/app grows, so will your data collection.

5. Internal Privacy Management:

The internal privacy management tool helps you keep track of the data you collect within your business especially if there is more than one employee.
It’s a convenient and easy way to document all the data processing activities within an organization or business.

Iubenda offers a detailed tutorial on setting up internal privacy management however this will require you to do HTML coding. They have outlined and formulated a step-by-step guide for you to follow however if you are unfamiliar with coding, I would suggest you hire a web developer.

Why use Iubenda

If you have a website/app or whether you are an individual business owner or have multiple employees it would be impossible to keep up with GDPR, CCPA, and LGDP laws by yourself.

Using a third party and outsourcing to stay compliant with the law is vital. New laws are continually being either proposed, passed, or updated, and with the world moving more towards digitalization, this will only become more evident in the future.

The benefit of Iubenda is that they are constantly updating their policies according to the new laws that are coming into effect.

This would mean you will not have to worry about falling behind on any legal obligations you are required to uphold as long as you maintain your subscriptions monthly or yearly with Iubenda.


Iubenda has a 2 bundle offers:

Personal Plan – You get 1 pro license that is usable for Privacy and Cookie Policy and a Cookie Solution up to 25k page views per month.
Business Plan – You get 5 license slots that are usable for Privacy and Cookie Policy and Terms and Conditions as well as a Cookie Solution up to 25k page views per month.

Both the personal and business plans DO NOT come with a Consent Solution or Internal Privacy Management.

If you prefer, you can purchase one of Iubenda custom offers:

Basic – This is a free plan that allows you to have a Privacy and Cookie Policy however there are limitations to these policies on the free plan. You also have access to a Cookie Solution up to 25k page views per month.
Pro – This plan comes with a Privacy and Cookie Policy along with a Cookie Solution up to 25k page views per month. This plan is per site/app and per language.
Ultra – This plan comes with a Privacy and Cookie Policy, a Cookie Solution up to 25k page views per month and Terms and Conditions Policy. This plan is per site/app and per language

However, I don’t recommend you go for their free plan as there are limitations to their privacy policy on this plan as mentioned earlier in the article and this can lead you to run the risk of not meeting all the requirements under the laws that are currently out.

I recommend you go for either the Pro or Ultra plans as this will run you no risk when keeping up with the endless changing laws and updates.

To help you get started, get a 10% discount off your first year when signing up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-Iubenda worth the money? Answer: Iubenda is worth paying for because it is not only cheaper than hiring a lawyer to draft and write your policies one time for you but without them, you could see yourself facing some unwanted hefty fines in the future.

Paying for an online legal service and then not having to worry about whether or not you are compliant with all GDPR laws will give you more time to focus on growing your business.

Q-What are third-party cookies? Why do they present a privacy issue? Answer: Cookies are HTTP which are small pieces of data stored on a user’s computer by the web browsers when surfing the web.

These cookies record a user’s behavior when online such as how long the person has been online or what they viewed which is a privacy concern for the user.

For example, Cookies allow Google Adsense to use a user’s online activity to forward personalized ads tailored to the user’s interests. Transparency is key when it comes to GDPR and this is why users need to be informed that the website/app they are browsing uses cookies and so this must be mentioned in your privacy policy.

Q-Do I need to keep records of consent to cookies for each user? Answer: Yes, every time a user clicks and agrees to the use of cookies, that consent data must be recorded and stored as you need to be able to prove to authorities should you be investigated that your users did give consent to use their data.

Lucky with Iubenda’s Cookie Policy, this data will automatically be collected and organized.

Q-Does my newsletter and contact form on my website have to have a consent box? Answer: Yes, if you are collecting email addresses, first or last names, or any other personal data you must track consent via a consent box and management system.

Lucky, the Iubenda consent solution will help you with just that. This is critical under current law as you would and might have to prove consent to authorities.

Pros and Cons


  1. Iubenda maintains a high level of professionally written policies under the GDPR, CCPA, and LGDP law.
  2. For the amount of legal coverage and professional-looking front-end policies, the pricing for each policy is worth it.
  3. Having regular automatic updates to your policies according to the new laws that are coming out is a must as it’s important to stay compliant
  4. Brilliant support at any time of the day as well as a live chat for any inquiries.


  1. Most of their solutions require zero coding except for their Consent Solution and Internal Privacy Management for data processing, which is difficult to implement if you don’t understand coding.


I strongly believe that to keep on the right side of the law is to keep yourself and your business secure.

This is why having the correct GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD laws implemented into your website/app or organization is important.

Iubenda not only offers all the policies you might need but also gives you peace of mind knowing it has all been drawn up and correctly written by professional legal lawyers who understand the laws.

They not only constantly update your policies but also keep you updated on new laws that are coming into effect.

I highly recommend Iubenda to anyone looking for an all-in-one solution to solve all of their compliance needs.

That way you will have no risk and can sleep well knowing that you won’t be receiving any unwanted fines.

If you are interested in using Iubenda as your number 1 GDPR Solution, click to receive a 10% discount off your first year.

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