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Do you have a website where your offers are not converting as well as you would like? Do you find you are struggling to convert your customers into tangible sales? 

If this sounds familiar, then keep reading because I am going to explain all you need to know about Leadpages. This tool is going to help you convert those clicks into paying customers. 

So, let’s get started…

About Leadpages

Leadpages is a software that helps you to optimize your landing pages for conversions. They believe that it is not enough to have a beautiful website and URL, and then spend time pushing traffic to your website through the use of SEO and social media and hope that it is going to get you clicks and conversions.

They are all about the type of content you build on your Leadpages such as buttons like subscribe, purchase, and download that will persuade and make it difficult for your customers to not resist the urge to buy or come back. 

They strongly believe that hard work attracts visitors and transforms your website traffic, not just wishful thinking or the hope that someday you will get clicks that later convert.

Leadpages has spent countless hours researching, testing, publishing pages, and capturing leads, to understand where, when, how, and what works, and the best part is that those who use their software gain the advantage because they have placed all this knowledge in their builder and templates. 

What Leadpages offer

So now that we know more about Leadpages, let’s dive into what you can do with this amazing software. 


1.Have 5 free sub-accounts:
This allows you to set up 5 sub-accounts linked to your main account so you can stay organized and share access to members of a team if you have one. 

2.Gain 99.9% uptime:
Leadpages is powered by Google’s App Engine. This means that your content delivered is reliable and fast. 

3.Automatic Saving:
When you are creating your landing pages, you won’t have to worry about your changes not saving because, inside Leadpages builder, every change is automatically saved. 

4.Custom and Hidden Form Fields:
With pre-populated form fields, you can track and pass data to your email service or CRM.

5.Custom Social Media Preview:
You can control how your pages look on social media by customizing your page’s open graph tags. 

6.Device-Specific Preview:
You can preview your pages for tablet, desktop, and mobile so that you can optimize your content to look good on all devices and screen sizes.

7.Digital File Hosting and Delivery:
When you get a new subscriber joining your list, you can use Leadpages built-in Lead Magnet Delivery System to automatically send opt-in bribes or digital email files.

8.Duplicate and Edit:
You can copy and customize content such as landing pages, pop-ups, or even an alert bar you have already created. This will save you time from having to restart all over again.

9.Easy Drag-and-Drop Interface:
We all know how difficult it can be to add HTML code to a website. If you have no experience or knowledge of coding, Leadpages builder is code-free. Just simply drag, drop, click and customize a landing page or opt-in form.

10.Fast Page Load Speed:
With Leadpages optimal loading time speed, you can rest assured you will increase your conversions and user experience.

11.Image Library:
Inside your account library, you can upload, remove or manage some of your favorite images.

12.Lead Backup / CSV Download:
Leadpages system stores backups of your data. This is super helpful if for some or other reason their systems are temporarily offline, you will still be able to have access to your collected leads by downloading your .CSV file.

13.Lead Gen Form Builder:
Leadpages has made it super simple for you to add a form onto your webpage, landing page, or even your pop-up pages as well as customize your design and connect your integrations.

14.Lead Notifications:
For many, having an email service might be a little out of their budget especially if they are just starting. This is not a problem as Leadpages allows you to get automatic notifications sent to your inbox every time you get a new subscriber.

15.Lead Routing:
You can route your leads to multiple tools as well as connect your opt-in forms to many integrations.

16.Mobile Responsive Pages:
All Leadpages websites, landing pages, pop-ups, opt-in forms, and alert bars are mobile-responsive. 

17.Online Sales and Payments:
Leadpages Checkouts powered by Stripe allow you to make payments, accept recurring payments and deliver digital products.

18.Page Grouping:
You can add color-coded labels on your landing pages by campaign or client to create content groups.

19.Revert To Last Published Version:
You can easily revert to a previously published version. This is helpful because if you have made changes you don’t like, you can easily revert. 

20.SEO-Friendly Pages:
You can use Leadpages easy-to-edit metadata fields to optimize organic searches. They also have a range of SEO-friendly templates to choose from. 

21.Unlimited Page Publishing:
There is no limit to the number of landing pages and web pages you can publish either on Leadpages free domain or your website. 

22.Unlimited Traffic and Leads:
There is no limit on how many page views, web traffic, and lead collections you have.

23.Tracking and Third-Party Analytics:
Leadpages has a built-in tracking analytics system or you have the option to use third-party analytics and tracking codes.

You can add several widgets such as countdown timers, videos, images, and more.

Conversion tool

1.Opt-in text campaigns:
You can make it easier for your audience to opt-in and receive digital files or subscribers to your email list via text messages.

2.Clear Campaign ROI:
Each of your campaigns will have detailed information on its performance so you can see what is or isn’t working. 

3.Email Trigger Links:
You can entice your audience by adding a one-click trigger link that signs up your audience to a specific event or a subscriber list.

4.Exit-Intent Pop-Ups:
You can decide when your pop-ups appear depending on how or where their mouse moves. 

5.Real-Time Optimization Tips:
Getting real-time helpful conversion tips will help you build high-performing landing pages with Leadmeter. 

6.Real-Time Analytics:
By Leadpages updating your analytics in real-time allows you to see how your pages are performing if you need to pause one or more pages so as not to lose any advertising money you don’t need.

7.Third-Party Analytics:
Leadpages work well with other third-party analytics such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixels by simply adding your tracking codes into your webpages, landing pages, or pop-up pages.

8.Unlimited A/B Split Testing:
This will give you a huge advantage against your competitors as there is no limit to the amount of A/B split testing you can do. If you are not sure what split testing is, it simply means to make a comparison between 2 landing pages. They both could be very different or similar to see which page performs better so that you can increase your conversion rates. 

9.Unlimited Alert Bars:
Alert bars are great to place anywhere along the width of your landing pages. There is no limit to how many alerts you use and it’s non-intrusive and mobile-friendly.

10.Unlimited Pop-Ups:
Just like the alert bars, pop-ups are a great way to collect contact information. You are also able to add click, exit intent, and decide when the pop-up will be visible using a timed display trigger.

Design and Templates

1.Section Templates:
If you don’t want to create a landing page yourself, Leadpages has over 100 pre-built templates to choose from.

2.Shutterstock Premium Images:
You can purchase images you like on Shutterstock which you can find inside your Leadpages account and then have access to unlimited images you can drag and drop when creating your pages.

3.Built-In Icon Library:
Choose from a selection of icons in your icon library or easily add and customize your icons and digital graphics.

4.OpenTable Embed Widget:
You can add this feature on your landing pages, pop-ups, or webpage to allow your audience to search available times and book a table. This feature is great for anyone in the hospitality sector.

5.Countdown Timers:
Add a countdown timer to your webpage, landing page, or pop-ups to add a sense of urgency for your audience to take action. You can set this feature, that when the timer runs out they are either redirected to another page or hide the page section the timer was on.

6.Custom Branding:
If you want your brand and color scheme to stretch across all your landing pages and pop-ups you can customize this. Leadpages will save your brand and color to make it more convenient and speed up the building process.

7.Customizable Templates:
This feature doesn’t require you to have any coding experience. You can simply choose a pre-designed professional conversion-optimized template and customize it to your look and feel by using Leadpages drag and drop builder.

8.Design From A Blank Page:
If you are someone who prefers not to use a pre-built template, you have the option to start from scratch and design your web page or landing pages.

9.Global Page Style Settings:
This allows you to easily change fonts, colors, and the style of your entire page anytime you choose.

10.HTML and Custom Code Editing:
This feature is great for anyone who knows a thing or two about coding. Fully customize your pages with your elements and style by adding custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript to your header, body, or footer. 

11.Keyboard Shortcuts:
Standard keyboard shortcuts help when working with text. If you are someone who likes to use keyboard shortcuts, you can. They help you to easily undo changes, format text, or copy/paste words.

12.Mobile-Responsive Templates:
All Leadpages templates and digital content are fully optimized and mobile-responsive with any screen size devices.

13.Calendly Embed Widget:
If you don’t know what Calendly is, it is a software company that provides you with an automated system and with less inconvenience when scheduling meetings, appointments, calls, and more. Leadpages allow you to display Calendly on your web page or landing pages so your visitors can self-schedule a call, consultation, and more.

14.Social Share Buttons:
You can add social sharing buttons to your pages as well so that your visitors can easily share your pages. 

15.Thank You and Confirmation Pages:
When someone submits a form or subscribes to your opt-in page, you can create a page that either says thank you for their action or confirmation for the action they have taken.

16.Device-Specific Display:
You can duplicate any of your pages and easily customize them according to the different devices you would like it to display on such as a tablet, desktop, and mobile.

17.Video Embed Widget:
You can embed videos from third-party platforms such as YouTube on your pages.

18.On-Page Section Links:
Add section links to guide your visitors to certain sections on the page. This works similarly to a table of contents.

Education and Support

1.Get 1-on-1 Quick Start Call:
You can get help through a 1-on-1 call with Leadpages launch specialist who will help you with setting up your account.

2.Free Leadpages Virtual Workshops:
Gain exclusive knowledge and marketing wisdom through Leadpages virtual workshops. This will help you to learn more and understand how to grow your conversions and leads.

3.Phone, Chat, and Email Support:
Leadpages has amazing technical support if you have trouble with anything. Their staff is friendly however access is limited depending on the plan level you are on. 

4.Knowledge Base:
Leadpages has created an amazing resource center that includes step-by-step guides on how to use the Leadpages dashboard, your accounts, and page builder. 

5.Weekly Group Coaching:
Leadpages hosts live Q&A coaching that is taught by their leading marketing experts.


1.Over 40 Standard Integrations:
If you have any favorite marketing and sales tools, you can easily connect them and send leads to a webinar app, ESP and CRM.

2.Advanced Integrations:
If you are using integrations such as Hubspot or Marketo you can send your leads to these integrations.

3.Major Email Service Integrations:
You can add email subscribers to your list by linking your email marketing account whether you use MailChimp, ConstantContact, or Aweber.

4.Zapier Integration:
Take your leads you have captured from your optimized ads and landing pages and allow this data to be sent through many apps with Zapier. 

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1.Connect Your Domain(s):
With Leadpages you can connect and publish your site or landing pages on any third-party domain you like.

2.Flexible Publishing Options:
Here you have the option to either publish your pages on Leadpages free domain or your domain.

3.Free Hosting:
Leadpages offers a free hosting service with secured SSL encryption. This hosting is done on an HTTPS address. 

4.Simple WordPress Plugin:
You don’t need a DNS record or CNAME setup to publish your landing pages to any WordPress site. Just install the plugin and publish.

5.Free Leadpages Domain:
You can use Leadpages free domain and host if you do not have your own.

6.Unlimited Publishing To Your Domain or Website:
If you do have a website you can publish your pages directly to your existing websites and domains or straight on your WordPress site.

Top Tip: When it comes to domains and hosting, I advise you buy a domain you own the rights to through Namecheap and host your site on a different platform such as Siteground. This provides you with security because should one company liquidate or stop working, you would still have either your domain or hosting active. This will prevent you from losing your entire website along with all your hard work in creating content, gaining traffic, and earning revenue. 


1.Automatic SSL Encryption:
No matter if you are using your domain or the free domain from Leadpages, all their pages on their servers are secured with SSL and HTTPS protocols.

2.Sub Account Login:
All sub-accounts have their secure login credentials if you are working with a team or clients who require access to your Leadpages account.

3.GDPR Compliance:
When creating your landing pages or pop-up pages, you can add consent checkbox fields. All the data Leadpages collect is secured and processed according to GDPR.

Site Builder

1.Drag-and-Drop Website Builder:
This feature is beginner-friendly and requires no coding or experience. The drag and drop builder helps you easily create professional websites.

2.Website Preview:
You can preview your entire website on all devices including tablet, mobile, and desktop.

3.Mobile-Responsive Menu:
Leadpages has adapted its mobile-responsive menus to accommodate all mobile screen sizes.

4.Drop Down Menu:
Keep your content organized by adding a drop-down menu to your web pages.

5.Drag-and-Drop Website Menu:
When creating a menu on your website, you might want to rearrange it. You can now easily drag and drop your menu and create primary and even sub-navigation menus.

6.Integrated Conversion Tools:
You can manage your website, landing pages, pop-up pages, alert bars, and even maintain your desired branding all with one single account and plugin.

7.Website SEO:
As you know, SEO is important when it comes to a website’s ranking and conversion rates. With Leadpages they have an auto-generated sitemap, built-in SEO settings all to help you create your meta descriptions and image alt text.

8.Website Templates:
Leadpages has many high converting templates to choose from. If you choose to use one of their templates, you can still easily customize the content to your preference with their drag and drop builder.

9.Pre-Built Add-On Pages:
You can quickly and easily build your website with Leadpages pre-built pages including their About page, Team page, Event page, Gallery page, and more, or create your own from a blank page.

10.Built-in 404 Page:
To recover lost traffic on your website you can create and publish custom 404 pages.

11.Global Website Footer:
Add icons, links, opt-in forms, and even widgets in the footer across all your pages.

12.Website Style Settings:
You can create custom global font styles, favicon, and custom CSS to keep your website on-brand. 

13.Website Publishing:
Leadpages allow all accounts to publish a site to their Leadpages domain. 

Why you should think about using Leadpages

The main aim for all websites is to generate traffic and earn revenue. This can only be accomplished in a few different ways and one of the best is through landing and opt-in pages on a website. 

As you can see by the list of different features mentioned above, your landing pages are sure to stand out above and beyond your competitors. Leadpages are also versatile for different business models from e-commerce stores, bloggers, or even if you are in the hospitality sector. 

No matter your niche Leadpages creative landing pages, pop-up pages or even alert bars will help you grow your conversions and increase your business well deserved revenue. 

The other great thing to mention and why I like Leadpages so much is that they are GDPR compliant.

There is no point in building great-looking landing pages, publishing them, converting great leads, and then only to find out that your pages are not GDPR compliant and run the risk of getting fines or having your website taken down. 

This is why it’s always important to make sure the platforms you use to know the laws of GDPR and online privacy. Luckily with Leadpages, your privacy is important to them and your audience by allowing you to add consent checkboxes as well as all the data collected is safely and securely stored according to GDPR.

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Leadpages offer 3 different plans (Advanced, Pro, and Standard) that can be paid either monthly or yearly. Here are more details on Leadpages pricing plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.Does Leadpages offer a free trial? Answer: Yes, they offer a 14-day free trial on any of their 3 plans. Do note that once the free trial is over, the paid subscription will go according to the plan and billing cycle you selected when signing up.

Q.Does Leadpages use PayPal? Answer: Yes, you can use PayPal as well as any other major credit cards.

Pros and Cons

1.Pre-built professional templates that are customizable and help to reduce the time it would take for you to create one from scratch especially if you are a beginner.
2.No coding or web development experience needed to use Leadpages.
3.GDPR Compliant
4.Landing pages, opt-in pages, and alert bars all come fully optimized. 

I’m yet to find any.


The advantages and growth you will start to see with your overall leads and conversion rates when using Leadpages will make you wonder how you lasted so long without them. 

Leadpages truly takes leads and converts them into paying customers due to their high-end professional optimized GDPR pages. The number of features and elements you can use and add to your pages to help those conversions are more than what many other platforms offer. 

If you are currently looking at ways to increase your leads and take those existing leads you have and convert them into paying customers who will continually come back, then don’t hesitate and signup to Leadpages today before you lose any more leads.

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