Namecheap VPN – Is Your Internet Secure?

Namecheap VPN - encrypt your internet connection

Browsing the internet can come with its own set of risks not many tend to think about but if you had a VPN to encrypt your internet connection.

Online privacy is becoming one of the topmost discussed security topics. Since we as a society practically feel as though we can’t live without the internet.

To be fair we are so immersed in technology that most of what we do relies on accessing the internet.

A huge number of Internet users worldwide use VPNs while more than 50% are male.

This is why a Namecheap VPN is something you might want to think about investing in

This article covers what a VPN is, and why you need a VPN to encrypt your internet connection. Also what features does Namecheap VPN offer, and more. 

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What Is A VPN?

VPN is an acronym that stands for Virtual Private Network. This means when you browse the internet your VPN is used to encrypt your internet connection across a public network. 

This prevents hackers from gaining access to your personal information. As well as nosy people being able to see your internet movements while browsing public wifis and more. 

VPNs are used to disguise your location while on the internet and keep you anonymous for privacy and security.  Sites that are region-restricted or censored can be accessed through a VPN.

About Namecheap VPN

Before we get into Namecheap’s VPN service and how it can encrypt your internet connection, let me explain a little about the company itself.

CEO Richard Kirkendall launched Namecheap in 2000. Since then it has gone on to become one of the world’s fastest-growing domain registrar and web hosting platforms with unbelievable customer satisfaction.

In 2018 they expanded their packages by including a VPN service. Their server network has over 1000 servers spread across more than 75 locations worldwide. 

Namecheap VPN allows you to connect to over 40 locations around the world meaning you can appear as if you are in a different location when you are not actually there. 

They offer a wide range of unique domains, hosting packages, security, privacy protection, and more. Namecheap’s mission is to provide the best high-quality domains and hosting products.

All while staying honest, and friendly, having 24-hour support available, and most importantly affordable prices for all their customers.

What Features Namecheap VPN Offers

There are several features that make using Namecheap VPN simple, easy and effective:

Security and Privacy – All your data is secure from any hackers, trackers, or bots. Under Namecheap security and privacy protocols, you will find further details of their security.

Hide your IP address – You are able to access the internet and browse any website anonymously by having a virtual IP address.

This means that when you use one of their virtual IP addresses, it hides and masks your IP address so that your location is kept private. 

No logs –  Also your private and personal data is secure. Their VPN service doesn’t store any data records and logs. This means regardless of what you view on the internet, it can’t be seen by anyone as it is private. 

Unlock websites – By being able to choose a virtual IP address in any country you can access websites anywhere.

Eg: Let’s assume you want to watch something on Netflix but it’s not available or has been released in your country. Using a virtual IP address means you can watch it without being in the country it’s available. 

Unlimited devices and bandwidth – There is no cap on the amount of data you can use across all your devices when connected to your VPN.

Always protected – They have a kill switch and auto-connect turn on or off option. If you set the kill switch to on, this will protect you by disconnecting your VPN connection if your wifi disconnects or you lose access to the internet.

Auto-connect means that if you choose to switch this feature on, every time you connect to the internet, your VPN will automatically connect you with either the best available IP address or one you have favorited. 

App integrated – Namecheap’s VPN can also be accessed through their app which is well-designed and professional. The app can be used on mobile and desktop which makes the sign-in process quick and easy. 

You are also able to set up 2-factor authentication for an added layer of security to your account. You can easily see your location choices by city, connection options, and server load time. 

When you are connected to a location, you are able to see how long you have been connected and what protocol you are using such as IKEV2, OpenVPN TCP/ UDP. 

Security And Privacy Protocols

Namecheap VPN takes privacy very seriously, and promises under their “Zero Log” policy that they don’t store any data logs of websites you visit while using their VPN. 

They also clearly state they do not track, keep or store any browser history. However, they collect anonymous data usage on the app including devices used and the IOS versions.

Although this data is being collected, it’s used to fix issues and create a more user-friendly app. Remember the collected data is anonymous so they are unable to identify what data goes with who. 

Namecheap uses the latest encryption software AES-256 which works extremely well with OpenVPN and IKEv2 VPN protocols.

With all of these security measures put in place including their kill switch option, you can rest assured there won’t be any data breaches, an unsecured connection, or have any data leaks.

Along with their attention to security, online privacy is one of their core values. They also have taken huge strides in implementing GDPR which stands for General Data Protection Regulation. 

This law was implemented to protect the rights of EU citizens by having complete transparency on what and how websites online use their data.

If you are interested to know more about GDPR or looking for an online privacy policy software to use on your websites, read my review on why Iubenda is the best policy generator available.


Namecheap VPN offer 3 plans – A monthly plan where the first month you get completely free and after that you pay monthly. Then there is either a yearly plan or a 3 year plan to choose from.

For more information on their pricing plans, click here.  

VPN Questions

Q: Does Namecheap come with a Money-back Guarantee? Answer: Yes, Namecheap VPN does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for their VPN.

This will give you more than enough time to decide if you want to continue using their services. Try Namecheap VPN and see how having a VPN works for you. 

Q: Does Namecheap provide support for all operating systems? Answer: Yes, Namecheap VPN does provide support for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and IOS.

Q: Does Namecheap offer a free trial of their VPN? Answer: Yes, Namecheap offers one month free for their monthly plan. Customers who have signed up from iTunes and Google Play Store will enjoy a 14-day free trial when they make a $0.00 purchase on the app. 

Q: How do I bypass internet restrictions in China and countries that block a VPN? Answer: Connecting to VPN in countries like China can be very difficult but there is a way of doing it.

You can change your VPN encrypt internet connection protocols until one works for you.

The other option is using OpenVPN via UDP or OpenVPN via TCP (available in Windows and the Android app) configuration for customers in China.

If both fail, try the aforementioned protocols with the Scramble feature enabled (available in the Windows app) to see if that might help.  

Finally is to change your VPN server. Americans are more likely to have their VPN services blocked.  According to recent tests, the USA’s west coast (Los Angeles and San Jose) is the best possible location to connect to from China.

The VPN not only provides a fast connection to the US but is also designed to beat the Firewall, giving internet users complete access. You need to use IP addresses instead of server names.

Namecheap VPN app is unlikely to work properly if you are attempting to connect inside the countries that block VPN server addresses.

Alternatively, you may be able to use Namecheap VPN via a manual configuration by connecting to their servers’ IP addresses instead of their server names.

However, China has also started blacklisting their IP addresses, so even this measure may not help. 

If you are still struggling or unsure how to connect your VPN, contact Namecheap’s customer support for additional help and information.

Q: Does Namecheap support Multiple payment methods including Bitcoin? Answer:  Yes, you can pay through a secure card payment or Paypal (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discovery) as well as Account Funds (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discovery, and Bitcoin) 

1. High-speed network1. I’m yet to find one
2. Over 75 locations to choose from
3. Unlimited bandwidth
4. Unlimited simultaneous connections
5. No DNS leaks
6. Automatic kill-switch and auto-connect
7. No data logs collected or stored
8. Extremely budget-friendly
9. 24-hour support with friendly and helpful staff


Without having a VPN service such as the one Namecheap offers, your online private data is at risk every time you access the internet either at home, work, or a public place. 

It’s important to take your online privacy seriously and buy a VPN service to protect yourself from facing any possible problems in the near future. 

In short, you should invest in Namecheap’s VPN and encrypt your internet connection today. Stay protected from hackers and other cybercriminals by using a VPN.

Your IP address is hiding all your online activities are private – streaming, surfing, playing games, you name it!

To conclude, don’t wait for something to happen, invest in Namecheap’s VPN and stay safe and secure online.

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