I have created this page to list all my favorite software’s, companies, products and services all for your convenience in one place. I only recommend products that I myself use and believe in or have done extensive research on the product to know the value it can add to help you and your business.

For many of the products listed, you will see that I have written a full and detailed review/summary on the product to give you extra information and comfort to know exactly what the product is, what they offer and how it could benefit you. 

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-Software Recommendations-

-Suggested Books-

Books are a great way to expand your knowledge on subjects you are passionate about. They are also a great resource to help you gain information and learn from experts within your industry that you will always have in your possession to refer back to at anytime.

  • The 10X Rule By Grant Cardone
    This amazing book will help you gain knowledge on how to dream bigger. Grant’s zero tolerance to laziness will give you the motivation to work harder. After reading this book you will feel that you are more than capable of reaching new heights in your business ventures. If you would like you can read my book summary here.
  • Dotcom Secrets By Russell Brunson – 1st Book
    This brilliant book will help you understand how you can build and create sales funnels to increase your traffic and convert your customers. The secrets hidden within this book are not only important but can help you to understand the knowledge behind creating a sustainable online business.If you would like you can, read my book summary here.
  • Expert Secrets By Russell Brunson – 2nd Book
    Expert secrets is the 2nd book in Russell’s trilogy series and provides a more online approach to marketing by identifying key aspects to help you grow as a leader in your industry. If you would like you can, read my book summary here.
  • Traffic Secrets By Russell Brunson – 3rd Book
    This 3rd and final book in Russell’s Trilogy series continues to expand your knowledge. This is an extension on using the techniques given in the previous 2 books to further drive traffic, and increase your opportunities for gaining even more sales.If you want you can, read my book summary here.
  • How To Win Friends & Influence People By Dale Carnegie
    Do you struggle to make friends, get on well with your colleagues, or partners? Do you find it difficult to get your point across and for people to see things your way, then this book is for you. Dale provides helpful tips and techniques using real life scenarios on how to communicate and negotiate better with people. Why not start learning from Dale. If you would like, you can read my book summary.
  • The 4-Hour Work Week By Timothy Ferriss
    This self-help book explains how it is possible to change that 9-5 working routine and live the lifestyle of millionaires without actually being one. Understand how to start living a more stress free life by reading the 4-hour work week and start implementing the techniques explained in the book. If you would like, read my full book summary here.
  • Cashvertising By Drew Eric
    This brilliant and informative book will teach you all the ways to write better copy and create exciting and engaging headlines. You will not only become a better writer by reading cashvertising but you will also generate more sales using the strategies provided. If you would like, you can also go and read my full book summary.