RoboForm Review – The Ultimate Password Manager

Roboform Review- the ultimate password manager

RoboForm is the ultimate password manager. If you have ever worked online or had an account with a company on the internet then you would know that it’s extremely difficult to remember every password for every account.

Furthermore, around 51% of people choose the same password for both personal and work while 53% rely purely on their memory.

I have some good news, the days of writing down your password are well and truly over.

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About RoboForm 

RoboForm is a password manager platform that allows you to safely store and secure your passwords online.

Siber Systems owns both RoboForm and Goodsync products.

In 2000 RoboForm’s first version was released and continually gets updated and improved. With this came the release of RoboForm Enterprise for businesses and a year later at the end of 2010 a premium cross-service was launched for individuals. 

RoboForm has gone on to launch other versions of its software. In 2015 they re-launched RoboForm for business and in 2017 a plan called RoboForm Family. 

Individuals, personnel, businesses, and companies have been using this ultimate password manager worldwide.

Why You Need RoboForm

If you have ever needed to write down your passwords to remember them or store them in a safe place then you would know what a hassle it can be.

With RoboForm, everything is organized in one place with maximum security to keep all your details safe and secure at all times.

Many people are unsure whether or not to invest in a password manager because they might feel that digital services are not the safest. But on the hand, what you lose by not using the ultimate password manager like Roboform is worse.

Their security is one of their top priorities. They are always updating and improving their system with end-to-end encryption to keep their customer’s passwords, accounts, and personal information secure.

Features Offered

When you sign up to RoboForm the ultimate password manager you will gain access to several of its features, these include:

Manage Passwords Like A Pro

One-click logins: You can use RoboForm autofill to log in to usernames and passwords with just one click. This will save you the time of having to type out your long difficult password every time you need to access one of your accounts online. 

Capture passwords while you browse: This feature allows RoboForm to detect that you are logging into one of your accounts. The next time you log on, you will be able to see all your captured passwords automatically saved.

Their Master form filler offers 8 different form fields:

  1. Person
  2. Business
  3. Passport
  4. Address
  5. Credit Card
  6. Bank Account
  7. Car
  8. Custom

Whenever you log in to any of your accounts, you’ll have access to all the data from the fields with just one click. No matter how complicated the web form is, RoboForm will be able to fill it out with no errors. 

Applications such as Windows can save your passwords.

To allow the password to be saved and used, all you have to do is simply select the template in the browser extension and click auto-fill.

Anytime, anywhere access: supported platforms include Windows, Androids, IOS, Mac, and many others.

Stay Organized: You have the option to place certain usernames and passwords under categorized folders and pin whichever ones you use the most often to have easy access to them when logging in. 

Powerful Search: You will never lose any password again by having strong search functionality. 

Set up with ease

Up and running in no time: The signup process is super easy and only takes a few minutes.

Extensions for all major browsers: No matter the browser you are using, RoboForm works on all of them including Microsoft Edge. This also allows you to move between browsers without losing your passwords.

Improve Your Security

Random Password Generator: This gives you the option to have a password generated for you so that you don’t have to spend time trying to create a complicated password every time you create or sign up on your sites. 

Numbers, upper and lower case letters as well as special characters including punctuation marks and symbols are all used to create a unique password.

You don’t have to use the password generator and can still create your own passwords. 

If you do decide to do this, always create a different individual password for every site you sign up to. Make sure your password is no less than 8 characters in length and includes numbers, upper and lower case letters as well as those special characters.

Security Center: This feature allows you to check your passwords to see how strong your passwords are and if you are using the same password on more than one site.

This feature uses an algorithm to analyze your password and see whether or not your password has the possibility of being hacked.

This is important as without knowing this information you would be under the illusion that your password is strong enough to handle a potential hack. 

With RoboForm’s assessed security score you can see when to change weak passwords.

Strong Encryption: RoboForm uses AES 256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA256. This will protect you from any brute forces, other attacks, and dictionaries. 

Multi-Factor Authentication: This 2 step authentication is when you log into your account using your email and password and then have to enter a 6 digit code from an authentication app of your choice, which once entered will let you into your account.

This means that every time you sign in to RoboForm you would need to enter a 6 digit code for your account after entering your password. 

This extra security feature adds another layer of security to keep your passwords and accounts safe. 

This ultimate password manager also supports 2-factor authentication from Google and Microsoft Authenticator and Authy.

Backups: Their accounts come with data backups. Daily backups are very important to ensure you have a copy of your data in case anything goes wrong. 

App Security: You can even set your login on your phone to use your pin or face ID login if your phone has this feature.

You will be able to save logins on your phone from the internet and applications to your RoboForm account.

RoboForm Mobile App: Mobile password manager is available on iOS and Android devices.

Once you have downloaded the RoboForm app you can log in with your Master Password. From there you will have access to all your saved login information from your RoboForm desktop application.

If you don’t have a RoboForm account then you can create a new account through the mobile app.

Auto-filling is also available on mobile which enables RoboForm to autofill your details which makes your logins quick and easy.

Share Securely

Share single items or a folder: You can securely share your password with someone directly through email to gain access to that account. This can be done without worrying about the risk of exposing other sensitive data. 

You can even create a folder of shared passwords to keep everything organized.

However, sharing your passwords is not available on the free plan. The free plan only allows users to receive passwords, not share them. 

Sharing a password through email is easy to set up. You can decide between 3 options on what exactly the recipient has access to: 

  1. Login only: The recipient can use the logins, but can’t edit or share the passwords.
  2. Read and write: The recipient can both view and edit the items in the shared folder.
  3. Full control: The recipient can view and edit items as well as change permission levels.

The permission settings are ideal for offices in a business where there are different levels of access.

Emergency Password Access: This feature is super helpful in events where you don’t have access to your phone. Perhaps you have lost it or it has been stolen. 

As a result, RoboForm has emergency password access for just these cases. Meaning you can still gain access to your accounts and implementing this feature is easy.

In the setting up process, add the email address and contact information of a person you trust with your information. Specify a time-out period anywhere from immediate to 30 days. 

The recipient will receive an email explaining the process, and a link to download and install the free version of RoboForm.

During the installation process, it asks for confirmation that the recipient accepts the offer of emergency access.

The purpose of the time-out is to avoid misuse of this feature and keep your information secure.

If you lose your Master Password your emergency contact can download all of your RoboForm information as an . CSV file.

This means when you regain access to your account you will have to re-upload that. CSV and get all of your data and settings back.

RoboForm’s Emergency Access is a fantastic way to ensure that user data is accessible in an emergency and that no matter what, you will always have your passwords saved.

Family Plan: This plan allows you to add up to 5 additional account users to your current subscription. 

Store More Than Just Web Passwords

Store Credit Cards: If you want to buy something online but for some reason, you don’t have your credit card, this feature will be a great benefit to you. 

Perhaps you left your wallet at home, or your spouse is buying something through your credit card, you will have access to your credit card details and billing information. 

Fill online forms with just one click: RoboForm identities give you the ability to fill out online forms for yourself or someone else easily with just one click. 

Safenotes: This allows you to keep your Wi-Fi or software license key safe and protected.

Windows Application Passwords: The passwords you can save with RoboForm are not just for site passwords but you can also use it to save any of your windows applications such as Skype, Outlook, etc.

Bookmarks: This feature is similar to a web browser bookmark except it saves bookmarks to any device that has RoboForm installed.

RoboForm’s browser extension for Safari and Chrome for computers and mobile devices makes it convenient when you want to quickly access your favorite sites across different devices and browsers either on your mobile or desktop.

This additional bookmarking feature makes it easy for you to share important links between your phone and computer wherever you are.

Contacts: All your contacts and their information can be stored in one place that’s secure and protected. 

World-Class Support

Around-the-clock assistance – Their customer support is open 24/7 for any questions or help you might need. They also have a live chat for a more instant answer. Their support team is very friendly, efficient, and ready to help.

Help center – This resource is great as they have listed all the common questions and answers they have received. It’s always helpful to read through their help center first before contacting them because someone might have already asked your question and it’s already been answered.

How To Set Up RoboForm

The setting up process is easy and only takes a few steps:

  1. Click here to purchase a RoboForm License. 
  2. You will then have the option to choose between either an individual, family, or business license. Under each license click either 1 year, 3 years, or a 5 year subscription, then click “add to cart”
  3. From here, continue the 3 step process to complete the purchase.
  4. Once you have purchased your license you will need to create an account and install RoboForm onto your browser extension to use it. 
  5. Go here and click the “download” tab at the top of the page to download RoboForm’s latest version for either Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Linux, or Chrome OS. RoboForm’s website automatically gives you the correct format to download for your computer. Once you got the program opened on your computer, the installer automatically selects extensions for different browsers.
  6. Once downloaded, open the file. 
  7. After installation, you will be asked to either create an account or log in to an existing account. Click “create a new account” and fill out your email and master password and click “next”. There’s no way to recover your Master Password so make sure you remember it, I would suggest writing it down and keeping it in a safe place.
  8. The next window will be a thank you page, that says your account was successfully created, click “next”
  9. Now you can add RoboForm to your extension. 

RoboForm can import existing password vaults from most major password managers like Dashlane, 1password, and Last pass as well as web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge.

Their desktop interface is divided into 3 parts. The column on the left lists various sections such as Logins, Bookmarks, and Security Center. To the right of that, two additional columns display the contents of those categories.

After logging in to a new site, RoboForm’s browser extension will offer to save the new login to your password vault. 

Once your login is saved, you can click the logins tab in the browser extension, select the site you want, and RoboForm automatically signs you in and opens the website in a new tab.


RoboForm offers 3 separate licenses you can choose from. All their licenses can be paid through a yearly, every 3 years or every 5 years subscription. 

The 1st – An individual license. This is only for one license where you are able to sync all your data across desktop and mobile devices.
The 2nd – A family license. This single subscription will allow you to add up to 5 users where each user can get their own account. 
The 3rd – A business license. This license offers centralized management of RoboForm data to an entire organization. The pricing for this license works according to the amount of users that will be using RoboForm in the organization. 

Don’t wait until you start losing your passwords or while in a rush you accidentally write your passwords down incorrectly, try RoboForm The Ultimate Password Manager hassle-free.

Common FAQ’s

Q: Does RoboForm have a free version? Answer: This ultimate password manager does have a free version but it does come with limitations. You won’t be able to share passwords between devices or be able to store passwords on more than one device.

Q: If somebody steals my computer with RoboForm on it, can they access my accounts? Answer: RoboForm’s user data is encrypted and compressed. Unless the person knows your Master Password, they will not be able to access your data. 

Q: Does RoboForm for Mac support application logins? Answer: RoboForm for Mac only supports web forms in browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. It does not support applications that require you to enter your login information. 

Q: Is RoboForm safe? Answer: RoboForm is completely safe and has the highest security systems including a password generator, security center, two-factor authentication, and more.

As with any program or software there are pros and cons and Roboform is no different:

1. Roboform is budget-friendly, accessible worldwide, and you get 24-hour support and live chat.1. It can be difficult to access different websites or accounts if you have forgotten your password. Likewise if you have lost your phone with the app installed on it.
2. Created using high-security technology, and the mobile app can be used across browsers and apps.2. It takes time to understand all RoboForm’s features.
3. Using an ultimate password manager saves you time by automatically filling out forms and logging into websites.
4. You are protected from phishing attacks or malware because it does not download any executable files. 


I would consider RoboForm to be one of the best password managing systems available currently to store all your online site passwords.

RoboForm’s form-filling capabilities are beyond the standard so far in the industry.

They are widely used and respected as the ultimate solution to personal password storage with necessary safeguards in place such as 256-bit AES encryption, 2FA compatibility, security center just to rename a few. 

Using RoboForm the ultimate password manager will allow you to feel less stressed about making sure your passwords to all your important online site accounts are secure and stored all together in one safe place. 

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