SeedProd Review – The Ultimate Landing Page Builder

SeedProd plugin for wordpress Review

If you are feeling overwhelmed with the idea of creating a landing page, you need SeedProd plugin for wordpress.

Statistics show an average of 9.7% in landing page conversion rates.

This amazing tool will help get rid of all your confusion. It’s easy to use, beginner-friendly, and you can start creating a landing page for free using SeedProd today. 

In this review, we will discuss SeedProd and all its features and why it’s the ultimate landing page builder. 

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About SeedProd

SeedProd is a WordPress landing page plugin. It is user-friendly with their drag and drop page builder. 

Their goal is to allow their users to build landing pages fast and easy even if they are a beginner. 

The SeedProd plugin for wordpress was created by the same top leading software team that built WPBeginner, OptinMonster, MonsterInsights, WPForms, RafflePress, and TrustPulse. 

All these plugins are well optimized, easy to use, and most importantly GDPR and CCPA compliant. Not to mention well integrated with WordPress and popular third parties such as GetResponse and many more. 

What Is SeedProd?

This amazing SeedProd plugin for wordpress offers a selection of features to help you create and build the best-customized landing pages for your website.

If you need to collect email addresses, have a maintenance page, increase your sales or promote a webinar, then you need the SeedProd plugin for wordpress.

Let’s take a look and go through each feature. What they do and how they work to help you build converting landing pages.

Builder Features

1.Drag and drop page builder

SeedProd’s entire system from start to finish does not require you to have any knowledge of coding. 

This is very helpful, especially for beginners. It means you can create your landing pages with their drag-and-drop builder feature to make it simple, quick, and easy. 

2.Landing Page-Specific Blocks 

If you’ve already tried landing page builders, you’ll know that more than half the features they offer, you never use. What people really want is simply a place to create engaging and effective pages quickly.

SeedProd’s page-sized widgets are completely focused on boosting your conversion rates. It only includes the features that will help you to achieve this.

With the help of landing page blocks, you can easily begin to build your landing pages in minutes.

Some of these blocks include seedprod maintenance mode, contact forms, option forms, countdown timers, social media sharing, progress bars, and star ratings.

3.Live Previews

This feature allows you to preview your landing page live before it is saved and used. You can preview your landing pages during any phase whether that be draft, live, or testing.

The Best Coming Soon Plugin for WordPress

4.Layout Navigation

Another key point to any landing page is the layout as having a clean-looking design for your landing pages is important.

Because of this, SeedProd has a solid layout navigation system.

With this system, you can easily rearrange different sections of your landing page. Not only does this include rows, columns, and blocks, but you can also access your page settings. This is just like having a mini-map from a bird’s eye view. 

5.Revision History 

When creating a landing page, you’re always making adjustments and saving old versions.

Imagine having a button that allows you to revert to any previous version of a landing page you created. With SeedProd’s revision history, you can go back and see those changes.

6.Draft Mode

Spend and take as much time as you need by being able to create your landing pages offline. You can save them offline and once you are happy with how they look and perform you can make them live. 

7.Saved Page Templates Sections and Blocks

All your templates, sections, and or blocks you have created for a previous landing page can be saved and reused for a new landing page. This is very convenient because you don’t need to entirely recreate a section. 

Additionally, this will save you time and allow you to create new landing pages faster. This is also super helpful if you want the same layout and color scheme throughout all your landing pages you are creating. 

8.Favorited Templates and Sections 

If you have created templates you love, you can save them and reuse them as often as you like. 

The Best Coming Soon Plugin for WordPress

9.Mobile Device Preview

If you want a landing page to convert, it needs to be well optimised for mobile. Preview mode enables you to see what the whole page will look like, as a visitor would see it. 

SeedProd has optimized the preview viewing for both mobile and desktop. This means you can adjust your landing page to look great on both devices. 

Template Features

1.Landing Page Templates

SeedProd plugin for wordpress comes with over 150 already built landing page templates that are ready to go live on your website.

These templates are of high quality and likely to convert any customer. Choose from sales-page templates, squeeze-page templates, or video landing pages.

The landing pages you can create can be anything from a coming soon, maintenance mode, opt-in, sales webinar, lead squeeze, or even a thank you login page.

With the use of these templates, you can have a landing page up and live within minutes.

2.Responsive and Mobile Pages

Luckily with SeedProd, all their pages are optimized for any device whether that be mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Everything looks great no matter the device or size. This attention to detail is the reason why SeedProd is used and loved by so many.

3.Smart Sections 

If you are not a designer then you will love smart sections. These are pre-built headers and calls to action that look great and are professionally created. 

4.Bloat Free Code

SeedProd landing pages load quickly as they are well aware that the more code written on each page will only slow down your overall page performance.

That’s why every page is created with this in mind by limiting the use of unnecessary code to keep the pages performing at optimal levels. This helps you generate more conversions because this improves the user experience. 

5.Block Templates

SeedProd has already built landing page block templates to enable you to easily switch between styles with just one click.

6.Color Schemes

There are over 20 color schemes available. If there is one you don’t like, you have the option to create a custom color from their color palette. 

7.Font Combinations

As Google has its preferred fonts, SeedProd’s unlimited font combinations integrate well with Google. They also have a curated list of which fonts look good together.

8.Custom CSS

Landing pages are becoming more and more complicated. You need to have the ability to show different types of content in order to appeal to your different types of customers. So, having the ability to add custom CSS code and snippets is a bonus for any landing page designer. 

The Best Coming Soon Plugin for WordPress

Page Types

1.Built-in coming soon, maintenance

The built incoming soon pages are the SeedProd maintenance mode feature. This enables you to tell your visitors that your website is still under construction.

These pages are a perfect way to subtly tell your eager visitors that they are going to have to wait just a little bit longer before they can view your website.

2.Custom Login Pages

Instead of having a simple login page, you can create a custom one. You can make designer-level quality login pages with just a few clicks.

Not to mention, you can make these pages showcase your product or service and get your brand’s message across.


Are any of your pages returning a 404 error that says “Oops, the page you are looking for does not exist.”

If so, you are losing traffic which means lost leads resulting in a decrease in conversions. SeedProd allows you to customise your 404 pages so that your traffic can be converted.

This will re-target that visitor later instead of having that visitor leave your website without getting any of their contact information.

4.Access Control 

When you are creating your website and it’s still under construction you can enable limited access control to certain users by role or IP address.

5.Domain Mapping 

This is a great feature where you can point your landing page to any domain you choose instead of your main website’s domain. This comes included so there are no extra WordPress installs to use this feature. 

Conversion Tools

1.Woocommerce Integration 

SeedProd also comes with a Woocommerce integration that allows you to create sharp and effective checkout carts, product grids, and more.

Are you hesitant to design your own e-commerce store because you not sure how it should look?

Then rest assured with the help of SeedProd’s woocommerce integration you will be able to create something that anyone would be proud of.

2.Subscriber Management

This feature will allow you to track your subscribers in a clear and organized manner as you will be able to keep a count of your subscribers.

As well as being able to keep count of your new subscribers over time with or without the use of any third parties.

3.Premium Integrations

With SeedProd you can integrate with top 3rd party auto-response software such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and Constant Contact just to name a few.

4.Spam Protection 

If you are concerned about bot traffic, spam or any fraudulent submissions on your landing pages don’t worry because SeedProd’s spam protection software will help you combat any bot traffic that may occur.

They use software like ReCaptcha to prevent bots from filling in any of your forms which can cause fraudulent activity and misleading data within the analytics of your website. 

5.Custom Scripts 

You can use SeedProd’s built-in header and footer script to add custom tracking scripts or widgets from another website.

The Best Coming Soon Plugin for WordPress

Why You Need SeedProd?

The benefits of investing in using the SeedProd plugin for wordpress to create your custom landing pages will increase your business’s revenue. 

SeedProd is also great for beginners or anyone who is not familiar with web design because they have made it a drag-and-drop built-in system. 

This way, you do not have to spend endless amounts of money on hiring web designers to create your landing pages.

Creating your landing pages with SeedProd removes the frustration that comes with having to communicate to your web designer exactly what you want, how you want your page to look, the color scheme, and so forth. 

The best part is that SeedProd integrates with WordPress so no need to struggle to try to code or embed links into your website for your landing pages to work. 

I’m also sure you are aware of the online data privacy law known as GDPR and CCPA. These laws protect users’ personal information while online.

SeedProd is GDPR and CCPA compliant. This means that when you create a landing page that collects users’ personal information such as name or email address you can implement specific agreement fields in your landing pages so that you keep your website compliant with current online privacy laws. 

Learn more about why and how to implement GDPR on your website here.

If you have not yet used landing pages on your website, then you are missing out on the extra increase in conversion rates from promoting your product or service. Landing pages are created to make your customer feel valued, and give them a level of trust. 

Many times people fail to sell a product or service because they feel they are being forced. Landing pages bridge that gap as you can personalize them as well as add certain promotional triggers. This could be anything including testimonials or even free trials to place your customers into a buying mindset.

SeedProd Pricing Plans

There are 4 different licenses to choose from when using the Seedprod plugin for wordpress: 

Basic – This is an essential tool to create your landing pages
Plus – Perfect for business that wants to do more
Pro – All you would need to create a perfect page
Elite Bundle – You will get both SeedProd and RafflePress for the price of one plugin

Find out more about Seedprod costs for each plan here.


Q.Does SeedProd offer refunds? Answer: Yes, SeedProd does offer refunds. When you purchase SeedProd and you decide it’s not quite for you, they do have an unconditional no questions asked 14 day money-back guarantee.

Q.Can I switch licenses after I have purchased one? Answer: You can upgrade to another license and pay the difference in price between the two. Just go to your login member area and click upgrade on your license.

Q.Is there a free version of SeedProd? Answer: Yes, you can start creating a landing page for free with SeedProd. Free features include landing page templates, SEO settings, coming soon and SeedProd maintenance mode, Google integrations, and more.

1. Their Licenses are affordable compared to other landing page softwares.1. Although SeedProd is free, you are limited to the amount of features you can use.
1. Although SeedProd is free, you are limited to the number of features you can use.2. SeedProd is only compatible with WordPress themes and not any other content management systems.
6. The plugin helps with site speed as it’s lightweight.3. Other page builders offer a larger selection of elements and blocks compared to SeedProd.
4. Integrated with other softwares including GetResponse, Aweber, MailChimp, and more.
3. No coding skills are required.
6. The plugin helps with site speed as its lightweight.


Building effective landing pages is essential for any business if you’re serious about growing revenue and conversion rates.

With a platform like SeedProd, you can create professional landing pages with no design or coding skills required.

You will also gain more trust with your customers which in turn will make them want to buy the product or service you are offering.

Start using SeedProd today and see for yourself why they are the best website builder for landing pages.

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