Spectacular WordPress Polls To Gain New Customers

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Have you ever thought about asking your audience questions on your website on a specific topic or product?

Surveys and polls are great tools in finding those answers to your burning questions.

In this article, I will be discussing why you should think about using WPForms Survey and Polls addon and how easy and effective they are to create and use.

Why Should I Use Surveys And Polls on my website:

First, let me explain the slight difference between a survey and a poll.

A survey contains a selection of questions, the more questions you have on a survey the better. This is because surveys are intended for gathering large amounts of data or statistics on people’s personal opinions regarding a particular issue or topic.

A poll is a smaller version of a survey. Polls typically have a maximum of 1-3 questions. These questions are also based on personal opinions on an issue or topic.

There are several advantages on why you would want to start using surveys and polls on your website. Both surveys and polls are great tools in engaging with your audience by giving them an option to voice their opinions.

Owning a website or even promoting your product or brand can at times become a challenge especially not knowing what your audience enjoys means you struggle to please them.

Many websites will use surveys or polls depending again on the amount of data they would like to gather to understand their targeted audience better.

There are multiple reasons why websites would want to gather data, this could be figuring out if their audience enjoys their content or product, who their audience is, or their interests.

By having this data website owners will be able to tailor and create content or improve a product based on the information their audience has provided.

Surveys and polls also help to create a relationship with your audience by having a way for them to communicate with you and answer their opinions based on the questions you provide.

People love to feel important and if you can capture that with your audience, chances are they will continue using either your product or service. This will benefit you because when people love something or believe in someone, they are always eager to share that with others which will help you grow your audience and traffic.

Growth online is one of the most important aspects of having an online business, as traffic to your website helps you generate leads which ultimately generates revenue.

So, now that you are excited about the prospect of incorporating surveys and polls on your website, well I do hope you are excited, below is a list of features available that you can use with WPForms survey and polls addon.

The Features Of Using WPForms Survey and Polls addon:

1.Smart Survey Fields

This feature has been designed so that you can take any of your existing forms and integrate your survey.

What this means is that you can convert any form you have created that’s currently live on your website into a survey without having to create duplicates of that form.

The best part is that to enable the survey or poll options only takes a single click so that all your fields on your forms convert to smart survey fields. These fields include text, dropdown, checkboxes, and more.

WPForms survey and polls addon has also added Likert Scale field, also known as Matrix Questions which are multiple-choice questions all grouped with the same answer choices.

2.Best In Class Survey Reports

You can visually customize how you see your reports within the real-time insights feature.

You can also Retroactively Enable Survey Reports on all your older forms which means when you convert your form fields into the smart survey fields you can edit the form, navigate to the settings tab, and enable Survey Reporting.

This helps to avoid repetition by having to ask your audience the same questions again.

When it comes to your poll results, you can show the user who has taken your poll, their results immediately once they have completed and submitted the form. Where you place your form on your website is entirely up to you. It can be embedded in the sidebar, in a post or a page, or anywhere else you would like.

It’s one thing to have your surveys and polls on your website, view the results of those surveys and polls but it’s even better if you are also able to export those report results.

Well, WPForms survey and polls addon allows you to export in PDF or JPG not just your entire survey results but individual charts as well with a single click.

This is very convenient if you need to share the results internally and externally or if you would like to share certain results on your website, social media platforms, or within presentations.

If it’s a hard copy of your reports you need, you can choose your print styles, select specific questions you would like to print and best of all you can decide on the graph or visualization of your report before you print.

3.Powerful Survey Logic

The WPForms survey and polls addon has extended their existing powerful conditional logic setting. You can now tailor your questions around the answers your users have provided before.

This will give your users a different experience and help you make decisions from the data collected.

Randomizing the order of your multiple-choice fields is another option you can use to avoid your users’ answer choices being influenced on your surveys. To use this feature, go to your “Advanced Options” tab and enable Randomize Option.

4.New Form Templates

There are also two new form templates available with the WPForms survey and poll addon so you can create a form quickly and with ease.


As you can see, using surveys and polls will be a great addition to your website.

You will have an insight into what your audience’s preferences are so that you can continue gaining their loyalty by providing them with content you know they will love.

To start using this amazing survey and polls addon you would need to have a WPForms License.
If you don’t yet have a WPForms License, click here to start using WPForms today.

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