Tailwind Create – A Faster Way To Create Pins On Pinterest

Tailwind Create - a faster way to create pins on Pinterest

Ever heard of Tailwind Create, if not you are about to be amazed by what this tool can do.

Years ago, Pinterest was a great place to do content marketing. It has since grown significantly in popularity and it is harder to find your way around.

You may have success if you post reblogged versions of posts from your Instagram account, with links included.

Before, popular pins were promoted, but that is no longer the case.

If you have a blog or website and you’ve been doing your own marketing, it can be difficult to find out what is working in order to figure out how you want to brand yourself on Pinterest.

That’s why I recommend using an application that does this for you, like Tailwind Create which will create your pins for you in just a few steps.

That’s right! You will no longer need to spend any more time creating pins yourself as I will show you step by step how Tailwind Create can streamline and optimize your Pinterest marketing for you.

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What Is Tailwind?

Tailwind provides invaluable marketing insights for small business owners. You may not have heard of it yet if you don’t use Pinterest or Instagram, There are some great qualities to this helpful app which include: 

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Schedule and analytics tool – Tailwind is a must-have for marketers who have to use social media because it can help you schedule posts and analyze the performance of your content. It only does Pinterest and Instagram, but it’s still very useful despite that.

Save time scheduling your posts – One of the most time-consuming tasks of running a social media profile is posting content. Most marketers have to do a lot of content generation themselves. Tailwind helps you automate this process and make it easier while allowing you to choose the time you want your content posted

Best time to post – Tailwind lets you choose the best times for engagement for your post, so you don’t have to worry about it in advance. This is even if those times are different from when you’re at work.

So, if someone on your team lives in Australia, they can publish their posts at times that are suitable for people in America. 

Communities help you grow – For anyone who likes to network and loves to collaborate, Tailwind Communities has your back. The forum is for marketers, content creators, and professionals involved in the marketing field. But it seems it’s more popular with marketers. 

Actionable analytics – Tailwind makes it easier than ever to see the success of your pins – both in real-time and with historical data. With this app, you can better understand what works on Pinterest and what doesn’t.

Tailwind is a service that provides tips to improve your Pinterest stats. It can provide advice on how to make your Pins more sharable, helping you grow outside of your current niche.

What Is Tailwind Create?  

Tailwind Create is a design tool that is extremely user-friendly and it doesn’t take much design skill to be able to make high-quality pins.

Let me explain…

To create your pins with Tailwind Create, all you have to do is select or upload one or more images of your choice and decide on the colors and fonts that most relate to your brand.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Within a matter of seconds, Tailwind Create will present you with a selection of pin designs.

From there, you would just need to choose the pin you feel most reflects the particular piece of content you have written. 

I’m sure by now you can see why this tool is so popular.  

It helps you create pins in a fraction of the time it would take you to create your pin designs from scratch. 

Tailwind Create is the fastest way to create pins on Pinterest. With it you can streamline your marketing efforts and make all your pins look good fast.

Tailwind Create is perfect for anyone who’s trying to grow their Pinterest and Instagram accounts. 

Also for those who struggle to create high-quality designs, or don’t have time.

With Tailwind Create you are easily able to compete with some of the top-designed pins in your niche. This will boost your traffic and help you create a sustainable business online.

One thing to mention, is that Tailwind doesn’t guarantee or offer live chat support at all times to all members.

How To Use Tailwind Create

Before we start this step-by-step guide, you probably want to know, but is Tailwind free? Tailwind offers a free trial of all their features. This free trial allows you to have up to 100 pins and 30 Instagram posts. 

Don’t forget to be able to use Tailwind you will need a Pinterest account. If you don’t have a Pinterest account, create one here. 

Now that you have a Pinterest account, we can go ahead and get into how to use Tailwind Create. 

1: During the signup process, you will need to grant Tailwind Create access to your Pinterest Account. 

2: Once signed up, you will need to accept Tailwinds terms and conditions.

3: You will be sent to a welcome page where you can click “Start creating now” 

Welcome To Tailwind Create

4: From here you will be redirected to a page where you can start personalizing Tailwind Create. You have the option to add your website or brand name, your favorite fonts, colors, and logo. Once you have done this, click “Save and continue”

Brand Preference In Tailwind Create

5: On the next page you will need to add specific functions such as a destination link (where you want your pin to go). A title for your image, and more so that Tailwind Create knows what must be placed on your pin. Once you have completed this information, click “Create Images”

Creating Pins Primary Information

6: You will be shown the pins you created. Select which pin you like or edit a specific pin and re-customize your fonts, colors, shapes, etc to your liking. 

Pins Created With Personalised Preferences

Chosen Pin in Tailwind Create

7: Once you have selected your favorite pin, click “Review your selection” and then either click “schedule” or “download”. 

Schedule Or Download Your Pin

Tailwind Create Final Pin Created


I can’t even imagine going back to the days of creating my own pin designs from scratch.

I remember spending so much time designing my pins by trying to organize, reshape and size the images and fonts to make them look like a professional designer created them. 

Thank goodness with Tailwind Create I no longer have to worry about any of that. 

With just a few steps and in a matter of minutes, I have high-quality professional-looking pins ready to go. 

Give Tailwind Create a go for yourself by signing up and seeing how this tool changes the way you create your pins.

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