Taking A Free Internet Marketing Course Over A Paid One?

When choosing a career online as an internet marketer, the journey to achieving success comes with many challenges.


One is that there is so much information available online. From my past experiences, as a beginner, you are not quite sure what information is so different between free and paid courses or whether you need to take a course in the first place.

Hands down, paid internet marketing courses are your best option, keep reading as I explain the pros and cons below… 

Free courses, in the long run, are a waste of your time

When you first decide to create a business online, no matter whether you create a blog, have an E-commerce store, or any of the other fields, you start to think about how much money you are going to need and what your budget is going to look like.


Depending on where or what stage in your life you are, will depend on how much money you start with. 


I know you have probably heard time and time again, you don’t need money to start a business online. I can tell you from when I started, this is not true. Many entrepreneurs say this to get you motivated to create an online business making you think there is little to no cost however there are so many hidden costs no one tells you about when you are first starting. 


For me, I had some money saved in my savings account and that was it. 


So, naturally, I took the approach of trying to save as much money by not spending unnecessary money like using any free available resource to gather the information I felt I needed to understand all there was to know about internet marketing.


Free internet courses were one of the first steps I took, thinking this was not only a good way to get the information I needed before I started but I was also not spending any money. 


Win, win for me right? BUT it wasn’t that simple…


Yes, although it is free and the information, for the most part, is accurate, it just wasn’t enough. The information you receive on free courses don’t have as much detail and aren’t clearly explained through proper tutorials or step by step processes so you end up with half of the information and the other half you have to figure out on your own. 


It’s kind of like building a 100 piece puzzle but you only get 70 pieces free… 


I do understand why free courses are created in this way and it is simply because the creators need to also make money. They will never freely give out their golden nugget tips and tricks without a price and usually, it’s those few extra tips that are the most important. 


Now, I’m not saying you won’t learn anything from free courses, you just don’t get the whole puzzle with all its pieces. 

The knowledge you gain from these free courses is only valid for a short period. You will be gaining in the short term but in the long term, you will be hopping from free course to free course trying to keep up to date on the current information to stay ahead of your competitors.


Playing catch-up is an unnecessary use of your time and as you know time is money. 


As a beginner, I wasn’t aware of this and thought I was getting a bargain by not having to spend money others have but am still getting all the same information. Nobody told me, this is why I decided to write this article so no one else falls into the free trap as I did. 


Why paid courses? 

Paid courses are those missing 30 puzzle pieces you need to see the whole picture.


It’s in these courses that you fully understand all the information and how everything works because you get what you paid for, those golden nuggets you don’t get with free courses as I mentioned earlier. 


Paid courses are also great because many creators give you a lifetime guaranteed access to the course. This means that you can go back and review or rewatch the course several times at your own pace. 


This lifetime guarantee especially for a beginner will become your lifeline. You never understand anything new you learn the first time around, so having that option of being able to go back and refresh is a blessing only paid courses can give you.


Another benefit is that creators often update their course information at no extra cost to you as time goes by. This means that every few months or years you will get up to date information based on the current developments happening in the field your course is about. You will never fall behind the times and this ensures you always stay ahead of your competitors.


No more hoping from one free course to the next.


How do you know which courses to buy? 

There are so many paid courses available today. When deciding on which paid course to buy, you should think about what category in your field you are struggling in.


What many people don’t know is that there are so many different categories in internet marketing. You get bloggers, social media marketing, email marketing, paid advertising and the list goes on and on…


For example, if you’re a blogger, this would be your field in the internet marketing world, and having an email list on your blog would be your category. This is not to say that your field cant be email marketing, it’s just your category in this example. 


Certain categories for some entrepreneurs could be a field for others. 


Thinking about what category you need help in will narrow down the list of mentors offering those courses. When buying a course, I always recommend you do your homework and research everything you can about the mentor. Research their teaching styles whether it be on their YouTube channel if they have one or follow them on Instagram and see what they are posting. 


Always try to find courses with good ratings. Read the reviews left by people who have already finished the course and always check the course breakdown on what information you will be taught.


From there, you need to ask yourself, what don’t I know or fully understand and buy a course that answers those questions and ultimately helps you to grow your business.


One last tip when buying a course is to note the price. Depending on the mentor you choose to follow will depend on the price you pay for the course. What I mean by this is that if your mentor is well known and has been in the business of internet marketing for a long time, their courses tend to be more expensive as they are far more experienced.


This doesn’t mean you should pick a mentor based on the price of their courses, just find what you are willing to spend and what information is being offered for that price.  


Investing in
paid courses even though it might be something you didn’t budget for will far out way the value you get and the information you can use compared to constantly having to take a free course to try to fill in the blanks another free course didn’t give. 


Remember knowledge and consistently learning is what is going to keep your business not only flourishing but ahead of your competitors.


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