The Best Website Themes (Top 12 Free and Paid)

The Best Free WordPress Themes

There is no shortage of the best website themes to choose from. Making it challenging to select the perfect one for your website. 

Whether you’re planning to start a blog, an e-commerce store, or any other business, the theme you use impacts how your website functions and its SEO.

In this article, we will be discussing why themes are important, what to look out for when choosing a theme, and ultimately which are the best free wordpress themes and why.

By the time you finish reading this article, you will have a clear understanding of which of the best website themes discussed is the perfect choice for you.

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Why Themes Are Important For A Website?

When it comes to website design, the theme will play a big role in the overall success of your site. 

This is because a good website theme will not only make your website look great but will also automatically improve the functionality and user experience of the site. 

Additionally, your WordPress themes for businesses help you create a brand identity. Not to mention increase traffic to your site, and generate leads and sales. 

Below are some reasons why themes are so important: 

1. Organization of your website

A thoughtfully chosen theme can provide a clear sense of direction and organization to your website. 

This allows you to prioritize and concentrate on the most essential aspects of your site. 

Additionally, a theme helps establish a visually consistent and appealing look for your website, attracting and retaining customers.

2. Sets the stage for your content

The theme of your website serves as the cornerstone for your content. 

It not only sets the tone and structure for all your writings, including blog posts and product descriptions, but it also plays in captivating your readers and entice them to explore further what you have to offer. 

Selecting the right theme can truly make a significant difference in engaging your audience.

3. Highlights features that differentiate your business from others

When it comes to selling products or services, standing out from the competition is difficult. 

That’s why a thoughtfully crafted theme can be your secret weapon in showcasing your unique offerings. 

By choosing the right design, you ensure that your visitors instantly grasp the value they will receive when visiting your site.

4. Sends appropriate messages to potential customers

When potential customers land on your website, how will they know it’s the right place? 

To ensure that visitors understand what it is you do and why it matters, use a theme that reflects your target audience and brand values.

5. Helps readers understand how to navigate through your site

Visitors should be able to navigate easily through all of the pages on your site. They should not need to guess which sections correspond to which. 

Use clear layout templates, structured menus, and easy-to-read text formatting to make sure that happens.

6. Promotes brand consistency and improves SEO efforts

The best WordPress building themes should help promote brand consistency. Every element of the site (including the branding) flows together. 

This reduces the complexity of search engines making it easier for visitors to find relevant information online quickly.

Making sure all of your content is properly optimized for search engine optimization. SEO is essential for maintaining visibility in today’s competitive marketplaces. 

Theme customization can often improve the appearance of your pages on Google, helping you increase your organic traffic.

7. Maintain visitor engagement over time

Like any other element on your website, the success of a theme depends on its ability to keep visitors engaged over time. 

Whether that means keeping them on a page longer or filling out forms. 

With effective usage of design patterns, custom widgets, and social media icons, the possibilities are nearly endless.

Difference Between A Website Theme And A Template

There is a difference between a website theme and a template. 

While these terms are often used interchangeably, they refer to two different components of a website design. This is important when deciding on the best website themes to choose from. 

Understanding the difference can help you make informed decisions on the right design elements for your website. 

A website theme refers to the overall design and layout of a website. It encompasses various elements such as color schemes, typography, navigation menus, and page structures. 

Think of it as the foundation upon which your site is built. A theme provides a consistent look and feel across all pages, ensuring visual consistency and user-friendly navigation.

While a template refers to pre-designed page layouts that can be customized with your content. 

Templates are like ready-made blueprints that guide you in creating individual pages within your chosen theme. 

They typically include placeholders for text, images, and other multimedia elements, allowing you to easily insert your information.

While themes offer an overarching design framework for your entire site, templates allow for flexibility within that framework by providing specific page layouts. 

This means you can mix and match different templates to create unique pages tailored to different purposes or sections of your website.

In summary, a website theme provides the overall look and feel of your site while templates offer pre-designed layouts for individual pages within that theme. 

Are WordPress Themes The Best Website Themes?

A popular choice when looking at the best website themes is WordPress themes. 

WordPress themes, have gained significant popularity and are often considered one of the top choices for website designs. 

Let’s delve into the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress themes to help you evaluate if they truly live up to their reputation.

Advantages Of WordPress Themes:

1. Wide Selection: WordPress offers an extensive library of themes, ranging from free options to premium WordPress themes. This vast selection ensures that you can find a theme that suits your needs and aligns with your brand identity.

2. Customization Options: WordPress themes provide flexibility in terms of customization. Most themes come with built-in customization settings or offer compatibility with popular page builders such as Elementor or Beaver Builder, allowing you to customize your website’s appearance without coding knowledge.

3. User-Friendly Interface: The user-friendly interface of WordPress makes it accessible even for beginners who may not have technical expertise in web design or development. The intuitive backend dashboard allows for easy navigation and content management.

4. SEO-Friendly: WordPress is known for its search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities. Many themes are designed with clean code structure and optimized elements, helping your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Disadvantages Of WordPress Themes:

1. Similarity Among Themes: Due to the popularity of certain WordPress themes, there is a possibility that multiple websites may end up looking quite similar if they use the same theme without extensive customization efforts.

2. Learning Curve for Advanced Customization: While basic customization is relatively straightforward, more advanced customizations may require some learning or familiarity with coding languages like HTML/CSS or PHP.

3. Theme Updates and Support: Depending on the specific theme you choose, updates and support from developers may vary greatly in terms of frequency and quality.

While there are certain limitations associated with WordPress themes such as potential similarities among websites and the learning curve for advanced customization, their advantages generally outweigh the disadvantages. 

The wide selection, customization options, user-friendliness, and SEO-friendly nature of WordPress themes make them a popular and reliable choice for website design. 

How To Choose A wordpress Theme For Your Website?

When people hear website themes they automatically think of aesthetics but a website theme encompasses various elements. 

These elements contribute to its functionality, user experience, and overall effectiveness in conveying the desired message.

When deciding on a wordpress website theme, you should consider the following key factors:

1. Research your target audience – Understand their demographics, interests, and preferences. This will help you tailor the design and functionality of your website to meet their needs.

2. Define your niche – Clearly identify the focus of your website and what sets it apart from others in the same industry. This will guide you in choosing a theme that aligns with your niche and helps you stand out.

3. Consider user experience – A theme that offers easy navigation, a clear layout, and fast loading speed will enhance the overall user experience on your website. 

Remember, happy users are more likely to stay on your site longer.

4. Mobile responsiveness – With an increasing number of people accessing websites through mobile devices, it’s crucial to choose a theme that is mobile-friendly. 

Ensure that the theme adapts well across different screen sizes for seamless browsing on smartphones and tablets.

5. Customizability – Look for a theme that provides customization options to personalize it according to your brand identity and style preferences. 

The ability to easily customize colors, fonts, layouts, and images will make it easier for you to create a unique look for your website.

6. SEO friendliness – A well-optimized theme can positively impact search engine rankings by providing clean code structure, proper heading tags usage, and other SEO best practices. 

Built-in SEO tools can help improve visibility on search engine result pages and drive organic traffic to the site.

7. Page load speed – Studies have shown that users have little patience for slow-loading websites. Therefore, it is imperative to choose a theme that prioritizes performance optimization without sacrificing visual appeal.

8. Support and updates – Choose a reputable theme developer who offers regular updates along with reliable customer support in case you encounter any issues or have questions down the line.

9. Cross-browser compatibility – With numerous web browsers available today (such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), your chosen theme must function seamlessly across all major browsers to ensure consistent user experiences.

10. Compatibility with plugins – Choose the best website themes that are compatible with popular plugins can greatly enhance the functionality and features of your website. 

Plugins are essential tools that allow you to add extra functionality such as contact forms, social media integration, e-commerce capabilities, and more. 

Having the best website themes that work well with these plugins will ensure seamless integration and smooth performance of your website.

By considering these factors alongside understanding your audience’s needs and preferences, you’ll be able to find a suitable theme that helps convey your message effectively while engaging visitors on every level.

FREE, PAID, and PRO Versions Of The Best Website Themes: 

With countless options to choose from, finding the perfect website theme for your business can be a daunting task. That’s why we’ve done the hard work for you and created a list of the top 12 best website themes. 

Additionally, we’ve included recommendations on which type of website each theme is best suited for, ensuring that you find the ideal match for your specific needs.

1. Astra

Astra is the best website theme for free

Astra is one of the best website themes when you looking for a free WordPress theme. They have gained over 1 million active installations. 

With its impressive performance and versatility, it has rightfully earned the position of being the leading free theme in the WordPress market. 

Astra is the ultimate solution for all your needs in terms of a good foundational base theme. 

It boasts incredible speed, extensive customization options, and seamless compatibility with WooCommerce. 

Not only that, they have amazing features and templates that work with page builders like Elementor, Gutenberg, and Divi

The Astra WordPress Theme is the ideal choice for a variety of websites, including blogs and business websites. 

However, it truly stands out when it comes to creating a WooCommerce storefront. 

It’s seamless integration and powerful features offer everything you need to build a successful eCommerce website.

With Astra Pro, you get an all-in-one plugin that takes your theme to a whole new level by adding a range of exciting features. 

These include more customizations with color controls, a sticky header, WooCommerce templates, footer widgets, and spacing controls to customize the space between elements. 

2. Neve

Neve Theme

Neve, developed by Themeisle, is a highly versatile and comprehensive free WordPress theme that comes packed with numerous features. 

Whether you’re running an e-commerce store, a personal blog, or a small business website, Neve is a great theme for any WordPress use case. 

It’s also good to know that they work well with Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, and Gutenberg. 

In addition, Neve is compatible with most WordPress plugins and has very good SEO when it comes to search engine optimization and loading speed that’s been AMP optimized. 

While the free version provides some great features, there are even more options available to Neve Pro with their personal, business, or agency plans. 

By upgrading, you’ll unlock unlimited site usage, regular updates, the ability to use multiple headers, additional widgets for added flexibility, and the option to create custom 404 pages.

You’ll have access to a variety of features with each plan. 

3. Hello Elementor

Elementor Theme

If you’re interested in Elementor but want to try it at no cost, Hello Elementor’s free WordPress theme is a great option for you. 

It gives you a chance to explore the features and functionality without any upfront cost. 

With an intuitive drag-and-drop function, you can effortlessly design your website to your exact preferences. The minimal styling ensures a clean and sleek look that reflects your unique brand. 

Additionally, the pages load quickly, ensuring a seamless browsing experience for your visitors. This theme is great for many use case websites such as blogging websites, and WooCommerce.

You have the option to upgrade to the Elementor Pro Plugin. With this upgrade, you’ll gain access to an impressive range of features. These include over 100+ website designs and widgets, as well as a wide selection of page builders. 

Also, enjoy the benefits of premium support for any assistance you may need along the way.

4. OceanWP

OceanWP Theme

The OceanWP free WordPress theme stands out from the rest. It offers an impressive range of professional features that are usually only found in premium WordPress themes. 

With its user-friendly custom pages and seamless integration with WooCommerce, it’s no surprise that it has more than 6 million downloads. 

Experience the power of a premium WordPress theme without having to spend a dime. Ocean WP seamlessly integrates with popular WordPress builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, and Divi. 

This compatibility ensures a smooth and efficient workflow when creating stunning websites.

This theme is the perfect choice for your eCommerce website, business website, or even your blogging platform. 

It’s versatile design and powerful features will help you attract customers and boost your brand.

If you find that the features offered in the free version are not enough, upgrade to one of their Ocean core extension bundle plans. 

By choosing these plans, you will gain access to a wide range of benefits. These include over 220 professional website demo templates, an extensive Elementor sections library, and much more. 

5. Kadence WP

Kadence Theme

Kadence WP, a free WordPress theme, may be relatively new, but it has quickly gained popularity. 

With over 150 five-star reviews and more than 200,000 active installations since its release in November 2020, it’s evident that this theme is worth considering for your website.

One of the remarkable aspects of this WordPress theme is its array of features, including global font and color controls, as well as header and footer builders that are typically limited to premium themes.

They can also easily integrate with various plugins that assist with websites in areas such as eCommerce, e-courses, and more.

When you upgrade to either their Kadence Pro essential or full bundle plans, you get an unlimited number of sites, pro starter templates, and pro blocks and themes. 

6. GeneratePress

GeneratePress Theme

GeneratePress is another free wordpress theme that’s focused on speed, performance, and block editing through Gutenberg although they are supported by other WordPress builders. 

Their strict adherence to WordPress coding standards enables them to proudly claim complete compatibility with all well-coded plugins, including the highly popular WooCommerce. 

You can upgrade to GeneratePress and take full advantage of their theme builder and site library which include more styling controls, advanced layout systems, updates, premium support, and more. 

Adding to that, they are fully responsive and have over 25 languages to choose from. This theme is great for any business model to create a website that is beautiful and something your audience will like.

7. Blocksy

Blocksy Theme

If you need a versatile and user-friendly free WordPress theme, look no further than Blocksy by Creativethemes. 

Designed with Gutenberg in mind, it seamlessly integrates with other popular builders, giving you the freedom to customize your website exactly how you want. 

Plus, with over 28 starter sites to choose from, you’ll have a head start in creating a stunning online presence. 

This theme truly highlights the endless possibilities of Gutenberg, offering dynamic website layouts that showcase its versatility. 

It doesn’t just prioritize the latest web technologies but also emphasizes speed and browser compatibility. It’s no surprise that this theme is a perfect fit for any website business. 

Unlock a world of possibilities with the pro version of Blocksy and gain access to an extensive array of advanced features such as customizable headers, menus, and display options. 

8. Inspiro

Inspiro Theme

Experience the power of Inspiro, a free WordPress theme designed specifically for photo and video marketing enthusiasts. 

With its sleek and modern design, this professional and lightweight theme is perfect for showcasing your visual content in style. 

The incredible features of this theme include a full-screen area that seamlessly supports video formats from popular platforms like Vimeo and YouTube, as well as your own custom-made videos. 

This makes them the ideal choice for eCommerce and niche sites in photography or graphics, providing a visually stunning experience for your audience.

They are fully compatible with external wordpress builders like Elementor, and Woocommerce. 

One standout feature is that they are fully GDPR compliant. Additionally, this theme does not rely on Google fonts.

Read more: Iubenda Review – The Solution To All Your GDPR Needs, or head straight to Iubenda website.

Unlock a world of possibilities when you upgrade. Granting you exclusive access to their extensive collection of 35+ premium themes and 5 top-notch plugins. 

Additionally, enjoy the added benefit of receiving regular updates and support. This gives you the upper hand in staying current and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

9. Hestia

Hestia Theme

Hestia, developed by Themeisle, is a versatile and free WordPress theme that caters to various business needs. It is well-suited for any type of business.

Whether you’re running a small business, corporate company, eCommerce shop, online agency, or working as a freelancer, look no further than the Hestia theme. 

With its clean design and customizable features like footers and blog styles, this theme not only enhances the visual appeal of your website but also ensures it is SEO-friendly and fully responsive.

They integrate well with page builders like Elementor, Flat Parallax Slider, and Travel Map. 

You can upgrade to their premium plans and enjoy an enhanced blogging experience.

With additional blog settings, a custom layouts builder, and extra WooCommerce features, you’ll have all the tools you need to create a dynamic and visually appealing website for your business. 

10. Zakra

Zakra Theme

If it’s a multi-purpose free wordpress theme you looking for, then you need Zakra by ThemeGrill. 

This amazing wordpress theme comes with 10+ start sites, is SEO friendly, and is compatible with all major wordpress plugins. 

This theme is suitable for blogs, business websites, WooCommerce stores, and niche-based sites. 

By upgrading to the Zakra Pro version, you’ll unlock a wide range of benefits. Over 100 customizing options and stylish blog layouts, you’ll have complete control over the look and feel of your website. 

Plus, you’ll receive dedicated support from their team whenever you need assistance.

11. Divi

Divi, The Best WordPress Themes

Divi by Elegant Themes is the leading paid premium wordpress theme and visual builder. 

This theme is great for web design agencies, web design freelancers, small business owners, and online stores. 

If you want to experience the best website building platform that revolutionizes the way you create websites then Divi is for you. 

Their innovative solution replaces the outdated WordPress post editor with an exceptional visual editor, offering design professionals and beginners alike incredible ease and efficiency in creating stunning designs. 

Say goodbye to the old ways and embrace a new era of website creation. 

When it comes to website design, Divi shines with its extensive range of features. With over 200 elements and 2000 layouts to choose from, you have endless possibilities to create a unique and customized website. 

Not only that, but you also have full control over the CSS, a convenient drag-and-drop builder for easy editing, and diverse design options to suit your preferences. 

Your ability to seamlessly edit your website across different devices for a smooth user experience is also possible.

Experience the ultimate versatility with this incredible theme that offers everything you need and more. 

And that’s not all – enjoy additional features such as the powerful Divi page builder plugin, Extra magazine theme, Boom Email Opt-ins, and Monarch Social Sharing integration.

12. Flatsome Themeforest

Flatsome Themeforest Theme, The Best Website Themes

Flatsome by UX-Themes is an exceptional multi-purpose responsive WooCommerce theme that offers a wide range of impressive features. 

As a paid premium theme, it provides users with access to a live page builder and theme options that allow for seamless customization. 

With its intuitive drag-and-drop builder, Flatsome ensures that creating stunning websites becomes effortless and user-friendly.

With a renewed focus on SEO, particularly page speed optimization, you won’t have to deal with the frustration of slow loading times. 

This theme offers numerous outstanding additional features that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to build an eCommerce website.


As you can see from the best website themes list above that you have many options when it comes to choosing a free wordpress theme. 

One of the greatest advantages of these themes is that they offer a wide range of impressive features completely free of charge.

If you ever find the need for additional functionalities, you can easily upgrade to unlock even more amazing options.

All of these themes share a common feature: strong drag-and-drop builder support and seamless integration with WordPress plugins. This is precisely what makes them the leading free WordPress themes on the market.

One of the remarkable features of these WordPress themes is the inclusion of free starter or demo sites.

These pre-designed templates are incredibly beneficial. Especially if you are a new website creator and owner and have little to no coding knowledge.

They provide a convenient starting point for the best website building without any hassle.

Take the time to test and evaluate different themes that catch your interest. Choose the one that you believe will empower you to accomplish your goals effectively.

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