When Do You Add A Newsletter To Your Blog?

When you first start a blog, your main focus is always traffic. Without traffic, your website will not grow. 

The number one best marketing strategy to use to gain a ton of traffic is through an email list. In this article, I explain two options for you to decide when it is a good time to add a newsletter to your blog, so let’s get into it.

Let me first start with what email marketing is for those who are just starting in the online world of blogging and making money online. 

Email marketing is a simple way of reaching out to your readers. You send your readers who have signed up to your email newsletter with information on your latest article posts on your blog they should read, advertisements, or even to promote your product or brands you like that you are partnered with. 

As you can see the endless benefits of having a newsletter on your blog are life-changing.

Now, let’s get into your two options…

Option 1: Add your newsletter right from the start

Now many feel that having a newsletter on your blog when you first start, will look out of place because your blog will look very empty.

What I mean by empty is that it won’t look like some of the blogs you might follow who have lots of articles and you can spend a good amount of time browsing their blog on what content you would like to read. 

This kind of volume only comes months after starting when you have slowly uploaded articles either daily or weekly to provide your readers with content. 

This is why someone just starting a blog might feel that having a newsletter up might seem pointless but I can assure you it’s not.

In the beginning, gaining visitors to your blog will take time. This is because you are a small fish in a huge ocean. No matter what niche your blog is in, you will have a high volume of competition. Competing with the top bloggers who have been blogging for years is no easy task, possible but not easy.  

This is why adding a newsletter right when you first create your blog is such a great tactical advantage. It would benefit you to keep the few readers you do receive while you are trying to build and fill your blog with good content. This is where the newsletter helps. 

Having those few readers sign up for your newsletter would mean that they are possible recurring customers who will visit your blog every time you send them an email that you have posted a new article. 

This will also be exciting for your subscribers because they will know they are receiving good quality content that is up to date to read. This will make your subscribers feel like they are growing with you as your blog grows.  

So, let’s think about it, you receive 15 readers a day or every second day, out of those 15 readers, 10 sign up for your newsletter. If you are consistent in posting content, then you could send those readers an email about a new article weekly. This would mean you would have gained an average of 40 readers who signed up to your newsletter monthly, totaling 480 readers within a year. 

The other great thing about adding your newsletter right from the start is that you will be giving yourself loads of practice on how to write good, engaging emails and how to effectively use the email marketing platform you have chosen. 

Over time, as your traffic grows so will your email marketing skills. 

Option 2: Only add your newsletter when you have traffic

This option is more for those who want to take a more analytical approach.

By now you would know that without Google your website will get lost among the thousands of other websites available online. This is because everyone who has a website wants Google as their friend. 

You might be thinking now, how do I do that?

It’s simple however you will need more patience and a don’t give up attitude. 

Google’s algorithm is always changing but the one thing that doesn’t change is the simple reason why everyone uses the internet – for information.

That’s right when you first start your blog, the best thing you can do to get into Google’s good books is to provide the most helpful information to your readers. You do this by only creating articles with the best content and most informative information you can. 

This will prove to Google that you have created your blog to help answer or provide information that people on the internet are searching for. By not having your newsletter up right from the start, will help you achieve this. 

This option does take a lot longer because you don’t have that newsletter like in option 1 to drive traffic to your blog and keep your readers who do visit your blog coming back. 

What you do gain though in this option is your blog’s reputation with Google. This helps you gain more readers because Google will push your articles to whoever is searching for that information.

You might also feel discouraged in the beginning because you might not get any traffic to your site for weeks or even months but be patient. 

This is where that don’t give up attitude will work in your favor.

Once you have proven to google your blog is all about providing the most helpful information you can offer and not just promotional links and advertisements, can you then add your newsletter. This is the right time because the volume of traffic you will be getting from googled search results will help you grow your email list 3x faster than in option 1. 


As you can, both options are great and whichever one you decide to choose, you will gain traffic, it’s just all about when you add your newsletter. 

Option 1 is all about trying to keep those few readers that do visit your site at the beginning coming back. 

If that is something you want by growing your email list from a few daily readers to thousands then it’s a good idea to add your newsletter right from the start.

Option 2 is all about using google instead as the driving force to get traffic to your blog and then only add your newsletter later. 

You would already have thousands of readers coming to your blog by google pushing your articles to them. It would just be a matter of them signing up for your newsletter.  

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